Gifts from a Child’s Heart

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A BOX OF LOVE: My son gave this to me many years ago…it’s still one of my favorite gifts!!! Sarah/Oakbrook

To make this gift you need:
Small plain boxes such as jewelry boxes
Pretty wrapping paper to fit the occasion
Glitter, sequins, decorations of choice-Ribbon
This poem–printed on nice paper.

This is a very special gift
that you can never see.
The reason it’s so special is
it’s just to you from me.
Whenever you are happy,
or even feeling blue.
You only have to hold this box
and know I think of you.

You never can unwrap it…
Please leave the ribbon tied.
Just hold the box so close to you…
It’s filled with love inside.
With Love, ___________________


  • Have children bring in a few family photos (that you can use or to make copies.
  • With these they will create a collage about their family; they’ll also use drawings, short descriptions and decorative items, such as shells, leaves, ribbon, etc.
  • These items can all be glued onto a large piece of poster board.
  • They can also make a small photo collage with grandparents or cousins, etc.

Record voices reading a book, making jokes, recalling memories, or singing. Include a photo of the person who made the recording. If a new story is being read, wrap up the book with the recording for a special book-tape gift.


  • Invite children to brainstorm special things they can do for the recipient of their gift-such as-give a hug, tell a funny joke, sing a song, take out the garbage, vacuum a room, put away the dishes, etc.
  • Write their responses on 3”X6” strips of paper.
  • Help children wrap the strips tightly around a pencil to create scrolls.
  • Decorate a plain paper bag with festive SEASON-THEMED (Spring, summer, fall) decorations, drawings and stickers…
  • After the bag is dry– put the scrolls inside the bag.
  •  Fold down the top of the bag-punch two holes and thread ribbon through the holes. Tie and create a bow.
    Adapted From Nov./Dec. Scholastic Instructor-page 39

Materials: Scissors, paper, colored pencils, crayons, and/or markers, glitter (optional)
Sometimes people give gift certificates for gifts. A gift certificate is a simple piece of paper that lets the person who owns it -trade it in for the gift.

  • Kids can easily make their own gift certificates. Have them think of several things they can do well, things that other people would appreciate.
  • Maybe Mom would appreciate them washing the dishes. Maybe Dad would appreciate a cleaning of the car. Maybe younger brothers or sisters would like to be read to or the time of play… Maybe Grandma or Grandpa would appreciate errands done?


Hand out papers for the parents to fill out with two or three of their family’s favorite recipes. One could be a main dish (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) the others can be a snack, soup, dessert, or appetizer. Copy all recipes and put them in a book along with pictures the children draw.

Laundry Scoop
Hugs and Kisses Candy
Clear or Colored Plastic Wrap

  • A simple gift idea! Fill the Laundry scoop with candy hugs and kisses.
  • Cut a large piece of plastic wrap. Set the scoop in the middle of the plastic wrap.
  • Fold the plastic wrap over so the two ends meet at the scoop handle. Pull the plastic wrap tightly around the scoop
    and gather around the handle.
  • Tie a ribbon around the handle to hold the plastic wrap in place.
  • Tie a note onto the scoop that says “A Scoop of Hugs and Kisses for you”.

Capture small prints in plaster for a great parent/grandparent gift.
This takes one to two hours to makeand overnight to dry. Happy Hand Prints sounds complicated but it is moderately easy!
Newspapers or plastic to protect the work area,
Apron to protect clothing,
Small bag or box of plaster (The eight-pound box is enough for a stepping stone mold; you can use a four-pound box for smaller molds.)
Mixing bucket
Stick or old spoon to mix the plaster
Popsicle stick or trowel,
Plaster mold (stepping stone size or smaller)
Small rubber or plastic glove
Thin Paintbrush
Pieces of decorative glass or marbles
Clear acrylic finish spray

  • Place plastic or newspaper over the work area. Protect clothing…
  • Mix the plaster according to the directions on the box or bag.
  • Pour the plaster into the mold and smooth the top with a Popsicle stick or trowel.
  • Put a small protective glove on child’s hand. Place the child’s hand into the plaster to make a hand print.
  • Remove the glove and wash the child’s hand with soap and water.
  • Write the child’s name in the plaster with the end of a paintbrush.
  • Place the decorative glass pieces or marbles in a pattern around the hand print.
  • Allow this to dry overnight before moving it.
  • Remove the plaster hand print from the mold and spray with clear acrylic finish spray. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

FINGERPRINTS (To use for above handprint craft or art)

Sometimes you get discouraged,
because I am so small
And leave my little fingerprints
On furniture and walls.
But everyday I’m growing
And soon will be so tall
That all these little fingerprints
Will be difficult to recall.
So here’s a little handprint
That you can put away
So you will know how my fingers looked
On this special day.

Supplies: Paper, markers, scissors, old magazines.

  • Ask children to think of something they can do to help mom or dad around the house.
  • They can cut pictures from the magazine and paste them on paper strips to make coupons.
  • Example: I will dry the dishes” can have a cup, saucer or dish detergent on the coupon…
  • Package up in an envelope as a gift…(Traditional coupon booklets are great for kids who can write!)

HAVE CHILDREN WRITE AN ESSAY ABOUT WHY THEY love a parent, grandparent, special friend, teacher, brother/sister, etc., on pretty stationery… or put on white paper rolled up and tied with a ribbon.

  • ALSO…create a book from that essay with hand-colored or painted pictures to illustrate different sentences.
  • Punch three holes in the side of each page and tie the book together with yarn or ribbon.

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