The Best Family Vacation Activity In Each State

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The #1 Must Do Family Activity in Each State

It’s time for you to start planning your family trip again, but where should you go? If you’re not sure where to go, check out this list of the number one must do family activities in each state. From amusement parks to national parks and monuments, we’ve covered them all. When you’re finished you will be on your way to planning your trip in no time!

The ultimate family vacation list. The best vacation activities state by state.


If you and your family are history buffs, then you will enjoy an excursion around the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. While touring the battleship, you will have the opportunity to explore several levels and experience what it was like to live on the ship. Several different rooms are on display including a machine shop, and carpenter shop, the bakery, and the kitchen. You will see a temporary brigade some of the sleeping quarters. 

Music and sounds of the era complete the tour to give you the full effect of what it would have been like living at sea. Climb to the very top deck and examine the guns stationed on the outside of the ship, and while you’re there, check out the scenery looking over the water and the property. If you’re a photographer, you will appreciate the top deck view and all the shots you will capture while you’re there.

The battleship isn’t the only reason for the visit; you will also enjoy a tour of the WWII submarine where you will also appreciate the living quarters on the inside. Use caution before entering though because space is small and tight on the inside. You will also want to take a tour through the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion where you will find a huge assortment of historic vehicles, aircraft, and war collectibles. Don’t overlook the memorial wall that is dedicated to all of Alabama’s Medal of Honor recipients. The outer grounds are lined with planes, tanks, boats, and artillery. 

If all the excitement increases your appetite, you can enjoy a treat from the snack bar located in the galley of the ship. If you want to pack a picnic lunch you are welcome to enjoy it at a covered picnic area on the bayside. You can enjoy the views Alabama has to offer while cooking a hot dog on one of the small grills provided for you in the picnic area. Everything mentioned here is included in the admission price plus an additional fee for parking. Hours vary with the seasons and the park is closed on Christmas Day. 


Have you been itching for a trip to Alaska? If so, then you won’t want to turn down a trip to Denali National Park. No matter how you choose to get there; plane, train, or automobile, the experience will be well worth it. 

Located just 630-miles from the Southern coast of Alaska, the park offers something for everyone in the family from camping to sightseeing. 

Whether you are only stopping by for the day or you are going to stay in the campgrounds or someplace nearby, you will want to reserve a guided bus tour, so you can be sure and take in all you can of the beautiful scenery, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot some of nature’s wildlife along the way. From the bus, you will catch a glimpse of the perfect panoramic view, but these tours only run through the summer months, so plan early for a guaranteed seat. 

There are six campgrounds at the park for you to choose, three of which you can set-up your RV and your tent, but if you like to rough it, there are three camping areas for tents only. While staying in the campgrounds your family can enjoy cycling or backpacking throughout the trails. There are plenty of areas to catch some great photos of the wildlife, and if you want to throw in a pole, there is fishing available in the park as well. 

Although some things are limited during the winter months, there are winter activities available too like snowmobiling and mushing. Enjoy some star gazing while experiencing what it’s like to camp out in the cold.  


A great way to enjoy and explore nature with your family is to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There is so much to see and learn at the canyon, and you will see things that you might never get see again in your lifetime. From ranger programs to hiking, there is something for everyone to enjoy on this trip. 

If you want to experience everything the canyon has to offer, it’s best if you can stay for more than a day. There is lodging available inside the park, however, they book fast, so plan well ahead if you can, and you if you prefer, there is camping available too. 

The views of the sunrise and sunset are incredible and can be seen throughout the Canyon, but the best sunrise views will be seen at Hopi and Powell Points while the best views of the sunset can be seen from Pima and Mohave Points. 

You and your family will not only enjoy hiking throughout the canyon, but you can also enjoy river trips and family fitness programs. Reserve an overnight mule trip or rent a bike and go cycling. When your family gets tired from pedaling, enjoy one of the campsites designed specifically for cyclists with no motor vehicles in sight. 

To be sure you don’t miss anything, book a guided tour, and before the day is over, enjoy a meal at one of the on-site restaurants, or pick up some groceries from the store and go back to the campsite.


Plan a trip to Arkansas and visit Magic Springs Amusement and Waterpark. Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this family park has something to please even the smallest members of your family. Family, kids, and thrill rides are just some of the exciting things you will find at the park. Included in your admission you can also enjoy a dive-in movie or the occasional concert. 

There are roller coasters that your kids can enjoy, and adult coasters that will have your entire world and your tummy turned upside down and inside out. Cool off on the Log Flume or get soaked on The Wild Thang. Wind down with a ride in an antique car and win your little one a prize at one of the game tables along the way.

When you’re hot and sweaty, enjoy some fun at the water park where you will also find anything from thrill rides to relaxation. 

There are plenty of concession stands and restaurants throughout the park, so you can keep your hungry brood satisfied and happy throughout the day. Stroller and wheelchair rentals are available for a fee on a first come first serve basis. 

Plan a week-long vacation in Arkansas because there is plenty of lodging and other attractions outside the park. Your admission to the park is only for one day, but if you want a dose of more, you will have an option to buy a season pass and if your family loves the park, you will certainly get your money’s worth.


When nobody can agree on a place to go, Universal Studios in Hollywood is a great choice. From the youngest to the oldest, there is something everyone in the family will enjoy. From rides and attractions to food, shopping, and entertainment, there will be no time for arguing or boredom during this trip.

For the best experience, plan to stay a few days; there are hotel packages throughout the area and if you stay in downtown LA you won’t have the worry of driving to the park because the metros will take you there

There are numerous themed rides including an indoor rollercoaster ride and the Harry Potter Castle ride. Water World is on top of the list when it comes to shows with enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat. Animal Actors and a Special Effects show are also on the top of the list. The number one attraction at the park is the studio tour. Be sure and check your schedule for the times of the tours and plan your day accordingly. 

At the end of the day, you can stroll next door to the Universal City Walk where you will find shopping, food, a movie theater, and nightclubs. The City Walk is open later than the park and it is a great way to unwind before going back to your hotel for the night.

The entrance fees vary according to the season and the parking prices can get expensive depending on where you park, so you might want to consider finding another source of transportation.


The #1 family vacation activity in Colorado.

Mountains of shiny red rocks hover over the beautiful Colorado Springs representing the Garden of the Gods. This famous attraction is a registered National Natural Landmark, and not only will you experience the beauty of the natural ancient rocks, but you will also enjoy the visitor and nature center featuring interactive exhibits throughout. 

Experience hiking along the 15-miles of trails either on your own or with a guide. Enjoy rock climbing or take a bike tour across the trails. All this while enjoying the scenic views of nature, unique rocks, and even some wildlife. 

Adventure and educational programs are offered for all ages and your kids can join the Junior Ranger program while visiting the park. During the summer you can participate in the Rodeo Program and you can bring your horses for rides on the trails. 

If you’re a photographer be sure to bring along your equipment because you won’t want to miss the shots you can get throughout the day, and for an even better experience, you can enjoy a trolley, jeep, or Segway tour for an additional fee.

Although there is no overnight camping permitted inside the park, there are many camping areas available nearby as well as other lodging choices if camping isn’t your thing. 

Before the day is over, be sure and visit the gift shop where you will find plenty of souvenirs and gifts to take home with you. Stop by the café for a quick bite from the healthy choice menu provided.

The park entrance along with the visitor and nature center are all free to explore but some of the other attractions will require a fee. 


If your family is into amusement parks and they like to try a different coaster everywhere they go, then they will enjoy the day at Lake Compounce & Crocodile Cove Amusement and Waterpark. 

This theme park located in Bristol, Connecticut is 170- years old and still popular for its thrill rides and attractions, especially for the well-known, top-rated wooden coaster in the world, The Boulder Dash. This unique roller coaster glides through the mountain and trees with a view of the lake rolling alongside the coaster. 

There are a few other roller coasters throughout the park providing you with enough turns and moves that your tummy will holler, and your head will spin. If coasters are not your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other thrill-seeking rides along the way, including a fun interactive ghost hunting dark ride. 

The kiddos will not be left out either with all the rides available for them, including their very own roller coaster. There is also a Ferris wheel for you to enjoy the views, an old-time carousel, antique cars, a trolley that will take you from one side of the park to the other, a train ride along the water and some bumper cars. When you’re finished riding the coasters and playing with the bumper cars, hop on over to the water park for some more thrill-seeking rides while cooling off.

Of course, there is plenty of food for you to enjoy and if you want, you can even cool off with a glass of the parks very own craft beer selection. When you’re ready to unwind and relax a bit, sit down and enjoy one of the shows provided throughout the park.

There are plenty of lodging choices with stay and play packages, or you can utilize the campgrounds located within the park. Enjoy the rental of a tipi, hut, or even a cabin. 

Check out the website for hours of operation and while you’re there check out the special holiday events as well. The admission into the park includes both the dry and wet rides, but there may be additional charges for extra attractions and amenities.


If your kids enjoy science, plan a trip to Wilmington, Delaware and explore the Museum of Natural History. This museum offers numerous interactive activities for children as little as a year old to the ripe age of 99.  

Your admission into the museum will allow you and your family to explore the displays of dinosaurs and other ancient animals. You will see models of birds, mammals, squid, and even sea shells. The museum offers special exhibits that vary from month to month and there is a Nature Nook inside as well that is designed for children ages 1 to 10 with plenty of interactive play.

You will find many outdoor learning experiences as you walk to the outside of the museum and you will even experience an African Safari at the watering hole. Before you are finished you and your children can create your own dinosaur only after visiting the display area. 

Be sure and visit the museum store so that you can collect some educational materials and souvenirs that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

This is a great way of learning to keep their brains healthy during the summer, and it will even make the perfect field trip for homeschoolers. 

Be sure and check out the website for operating hours and further information before finalizing your plans.


The best family vacation activity in Florida.

Walt Disney World has so much to offer there is too much to list, but we can tell you that this is a definite must-do while you’re on vacation in Florida. We can also tell you that a one-day trip will not suffice, you will want to plan at least three days or more to get the full Disney experience.

There is a total of five different theme parks and two different water parks and you have a choice of one, two, or all of them, hitting something different each day. You can also purchase park hopper passes that will allow you to go back and forth as often as you like.

Most of the attractions are interactive and fun from the time you get into the lines until the ride is over, which makes a long wait seem shorter than reality. With all the random entertainment, characters, and live music throughout the park, nobody will ever get bored.

When it comes to food, lodging, and gift shops you can bet you will find plenty. Planning to stay at a hotel in the park makes for a stress-free vacation because you won’t have to worry about moving your car again until the vacation is over. There is some form of transportation from a bus to a tram that will take you to the park of your choice.  

In the evening you can enjoy dinner and entertainment at Downtown Disney where you can also catch a ride on the bus. When you get back to your hotel, enjoy a dip in the pool and watch the nightly fireworks display from the Magic Kingdom.


The best family vacation activity in Georgia.

If you and your family plan to visit Atlanta sometime soon you will want to plan to spend some time at Six Flags. There is amusement galore from coasters to kids rides, and there is a water park for you to enjoy when the heat overwhelms you. 

You will have a choice of over 40 rides with 12 of those being roller coasters, so if you’re a coaster buff, this is the place to find them. Your children will be thrilled as the Looney Tunes characters stroll throughout the park and you can all catch a fun show together before the day is over. 

You will discover that the best time to avoid the largest crowds would be anytime in the spring and fall and weekdays during the summer. If you plan to explore the rest of what Atlanta has to offer you will find a large selection of hotels located nearby Six Flags.


You won’t want to miss the opportunity to tour Pearl Harbor while you’re in Hawaii. Experience the place where the US began and ended their involvement in WWII. Many ships are on display and all the parks and museums are loaded with fun, interactive exhibits for all to enjoy and appreciate.

There are many tour options for you to choose, either alone or with a guide, but for the best overall experience, it is strongly encouraged to go through with a guide. 

If you are visiting the museum with your family of various ages, the best tour to choose would be the Remember Pearl Harbor Tour. This one is a bit shorter than others and it features the USS Arizona, which is the most important one to see, and it also includes the USS Missouri.

If you have small children and babies with you then you will get the best experience with the Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour. This is the shortest tour and your children will not tire out as quickly.

When planning your tour, keep in mind that strollers are not permitted in most areas, so you will need an alternative way to carry your children through the tour. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted to tour the USS Bowfin Submarine, so you will want to eliminate that tour when making your plans if you have tiny ones with you. 

Pearl Harbor is a military base, so you can expect restrictions in some areas and although there is no dress code, it is required that you wear comfortable, respectable clothing while touring the harbor.  You will also not be allowed to carry purses and bags in with you, so if you have them, you will be required to rent a locker. You can take a camera in with you to capture the memories.

Visit the website and reserve your tour well in advance. Be sure and educate your children by watching movies or reading books on the subject before you go so they have a strong understanding of the tour.


If your family is into skiing and you’re always looking for a new place to go, you must visit the Bogus Basin. Located 16.5 miles north of Boise, there are runs along the mountain for every age group and level of skiing; from beginner to expert, there is a place for everyone at the basin. You will also enjoy night skiing on the mountain because it is one of the most well-lit slopes for nighttime enjoyment.

If you’re not into skiing, but you enjoy the peaceful feeling of being in the mountains, you can also enjoy the Bogus Basin in the summer months. The mountain provides bike and hiking trails of different levels, summer tubing, bungee trampolines, horseback riding and so much more.

No matter what time of year you visit you will enjoy the views as you glide through the mountains on the lifts. The Glade Runner Mountain Coaster is the most popular attraction at the basin year-round providing the thrills of self-controlled speed along the track as you twist and turn through the mountains from 4,330 feet. 

Take a break and enjoy some of the great menu items offered at the Double R Ranch BBQ Smokehouse where you will appreciate the fresh air while eating on the patio. Plan a week-long trip and spend some time camping and enjoy more of what Idaho has to offer at the Boise National Forest.


The most visited attraction in Illinois and the Midwest is the Navy Pier. This pier is 3300 feet long and sits on the Chicago shoreline surrounded by Lake Michigan. The pier doesn’t only represent a piece of history, but it also features more than 50- acres of fun and entertainment for everyone in the family. 

Enjoy watching your kids whirl around in one of the amusement rides, run through the interactive fountain with them in the park, take a stroll through the many shops, and enjoy a bite from one of the magnificent restaurants offering some of the best authentic food Chicago has to offer. When the sun begins to set, hop on the Centennial Wheel and enjoy the fabulous view of Chicago’s skylines, and twice a week in the summer you can enjoy a perfect view of the fireworks from the inside of the air-conditioned gondola. 

Spend one day or multiple days at the pier because you won’t want to miss a show at the Shakespeare Theater or perhaps the IMAX would satisfy everyone’s desires. Before you leave, allow some time for a visit to the Chicago Children’s Museum located in the heart of the pier. 

With so much to do and see, you should consider lodging at one of the many nearby hotels, and don’t worry about the drive because parking is convenient, although there is a fee for the parking garages. 

There is no admission fee to enter the pier, however, the attractions might require a fee, so plan accordingly. You should also keep in mind that although there are wheelchair rentals available, there are no stroller rentals. Learn more about the Navy Pier by watching the following video.


While in Indiana, stop off at the zoo in Indianapolis. Tigers, Macaws, Dolphins, and more, oh my! There is so much to explore at the Indianapolis Zoo. With all the indoor and outdoor exhibits, along with the special events, you won’t have time for boredom here. 

Check out the 17-foot underwater Dolphin Dome, visit the zoo babies, enjoy the butterflies, and when you’re finished awing over the animals, go on over to the White River Gardens where you can capture the beauty of the gardens and conservatory spread out over 3- acres of land. Before you leave, allow the kids to release some of their energy hopping on the amusement rides and when it’s time to rest, enjoy some tasty treats from the concession stands or pack a picnic and enjoy your lunch at a table just outside the entrance.

The zoo admission also includes your tour through the White River Gardens, special events, presentations, and chats with the keepers, but you will need to pay extra if you want to participate in animal feedings or enjoy the rides.


Altoona, Iowa is the home of Adventureland Resort. Resting just outside Des Moines, this amazing resort is packed with fun for the whole family. 

Thrill rides, kiddie rides, and family rides, the resort has it all. Enjoy all the twists and turns along the rails of the Monster, one of the 5 coasters in the park and the newest of them all, but if you enjoy a wooden coaster then you will want to hop on the Outlaw. 

Of course, you can expect to find a carousel and a Ferris wheel in the park along with all the other fun rides filled with thrills and excitement. There are games to play and a Bingo Parlor where you can play for prizes all day. You will want to stop in at the Old-Time photo booth for a souvenir and if that isn’t enough there is plenty of shopping to be had throughout the park. 

When you get hungry you will find a great assortment of food selections or pack a picnic and take a break at one of the covered picnic shelters just outside the park entrance. After lunch, cool off on one of the thrilling water rides or stroll on over to Adventure Bay, Adventureland’s water park. 

Purchase a two-day pass and enjoy the dry rides one day and the wet ones the next. Reserve a room at the Adventureland Inn located next to the park and stay all week. Inside the Inn, you will have the enjoyment of pools, hot tubs, the sports bar, grill, and so much more! If you would rather, you can reserve a spot at the campground.


There is so much to do in Dodge City, Kansas that you can plan to stay all week and you still might not get to do everything the city has to offer. 

See live re-enactments, variety shows, and enjoy a country-style meal all summer long while learning the history of the old west at the Boot Hall Museum. Stroll down the road to the Gunfighter’s Wax Museum or plan a historic trolley tour to be sure you don’t miss a thing.

Enjoy a lazy day at the bowling alley, visit the art center, or watch a rodeo. Everyone in the family is welcome to observe the horses as they compete for first place at the Dodge City Downs and enjoy an evening at the Depot Dinner Theater.

Spend one day at the Long Branch Lagoon Water Park and enjoy the animals at the Wright Park Zoo before the week is over. Be sure to stop by Main Street for a unique shopping experience, visit historic locations, walk through a museum, and enjoy some delicious food.

With all there is to do, you will want to check out the Dodge City website to plan your vacation and book your lodging!


For a real-life biblical experience, take your kids to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The 75,000 square foot museum houses the best state-of-the-art exhibits that will answer questions you and the kids might have about the Bible. 

Explore the exhibits and read the information provided for the best learning experience possible. Enjoy the fossils, the Allosaurus skeleton, and the planetarium.

As you walk along the outside you will have an opportunity to visit the botanical gardens, enjoy the petting zoo, and ride the camels. You can even soar across the zip line and experience the aerial adventure course. 

When hunger strikes you can sit down and enjoy a meal or snack at the café’. Before you leave, visit Noah’s Coffee Shop and grab some fudge at Uncle Leroy’s. 

Admission prices vary according to the age and attraction, but children under 4-years old will always be free. Check out the website for more details and be sure to read the attraction rules to assure a pleasant and positive experience.

If you plan to stick around for a few days, tour the Ark Encounter located 45-minutes away from the Creation Museum. There is so much more to do around the area that you will want to reserve your room at a nearby hotel and enjoy all that Kentucky has to offer.


Stationed on the Mississippi River and neighboring the French Quarter you will find the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. If your family enjoys the aquatic world then you will want to make this your number one stop in Louisiana. 

At the aquarium, you and your family will enjoy many wonders of the water world including all the colorful tropical fish, seahorses, and even frogs. Touch the stingray, watch with excitement as you experience the penguin in their habitat, enjoy the Southern sea otter, and walk through an amazing tunnel surrounded by sea life. 

After you have explored the aquarium, visit the giant screen theater for more adventures, experience the rainforest, and check out the Reef Rescue where you will enjoy an interactive virtual reality experience. 

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without shopping and you will enjoy a tasty meal from the grill or grab a pizza to share. For dessert, you can enjoy an ice cream and for even more treats visit the theater concession stand.  


Maine is so pretty and full of so much to do and see, but the one thing you will want to experience is the Acadia National Park. The area is surrounded by mountains blanketed with woodlands and accented with the blue water of the lakes.

Visit the park in the summer for activities such as hiking, climbing, biking, boating, swimming, and even horseback riding. If you want to get the mountain experience in the winter you can do some winter hiking, go skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. 

If you are fascinated by watching the wildlife roam through their natural habitat or if you enjoy watching the fish swimming beneath the water, you can see that too. 

Camping in the park is plentiful with the 3 campgrounds to choose or stay in one of the five lean-to shelters located on the Isle Au Haut. If sleeping indoors is your pleasure, there are a variety of other lodging choices outside the park in the nearby towns. 

There is a restaurant located within the park for your lunch and dinner enjoyment from the middle of May until later in October. You can also enjoy a picnic in one of the many designated areas with tables and fire pits provided.


Are you planning to visit Maryland with your family but you’re afraid they will get bored with your choices of attractions? No, problem, the Maryland Science Center awaits with so much to do nobody will get bored! 

The science center offers multi-levels of fun while the kids won’t even know they’re learning. From dinosaur mysteries to life beyond earth, each exhibit is full of hands-on-experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone from the youngest to the oldest family member in your group. 

You won’t want to miss any of the exhibits and you will want to be sure and plan some time at the demo stage for a live science demonstration, count the stars in the Planetarium, see Science on a Sphere, and visit the observatory. For a few dollars more you can enjoy the IMAX theater and before the day is over, enjoy what they’re cooking up in the Elements Café’. Stop by the Science Store on the way out and take some education home with you.

The Maryland Science Center is located within Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and parking can be found at the nearby parking garages or look for the metered parking on the streets. 


When you think of Massachusetts the first thing that comes to your mind might be Martha’s Vineyard, but what can you do there with your family? Plenty, in fact, this is a must-see place to visit when you’re in Massachusetts. 

Along the alluring beaches surrounded by the charming lighthouses and adorable structures, you will find golf courses, museums, farmer’s markets, and unique little shops. Capture some beautiful shots of the Gay Head Lighthouse and its surroundings, enjoy horseback riding, or take it all in with a sightseeing tour. There are all kinds of sports to participate in, do some hiking, or put the kayak in. Visit the Island Alpaca Farm and be sure to enjoy a ride on the Flying Horses Carousel.  

Since Martha’s Vineyard is located on an island you can’t drive there but you can hop aboard a ferry and take your car with you or arrive by plane. If you don’t take your car, there will be plenty of transportation options waiting for your arrival once you get there.

Plan to stay in one of the many hotels, B&B’s, or resorts. There are family campgrounds, cottages, and apartments also available for rental on the island.

Be sure and try all the different food choices and enjoy some nightlife while you are there.


The best family vacation activity in Michigan.

Michigan’s Adventure Amusement and Waterpark is a must-do while you are in the state. There are many roller coasters and other thrill rides along with kiddie rides in the park. There is something for everyone, and the waterpark is included with your admission, so why not buy a two-day park pass and extend your stay?

Not only does the park offer rides for everyone, they also have special events scattered all over the calendar and of course you know there will be some food and shopping to be found throughout the park!

You will find stroller, wagon, and wheelchair rentals if you need one, and if you plan to stay for more than one day, there are plenty of lodging choices outside the park. The hours vary with both parks, so be sure and check the website before you finalize your plans.


The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota awaits your arrival. This is no ordinary mall; it offers a unique shopping and playing experience like no other. With the multi-level mall featuring 4,870,000 square feet of shopping and entertainment, you can only imagine what is in store for you under one roof. 

From stores like Aeropostale to Hollister and everything in between including shoes, apparel, and any accessory you can imagine, the mall offers a store to satisfy everyone’s budget. You can enjoy a meal from the food court or look for a restaurant that will be sure to please everyone’s taste buds. 

Wait, there is more than just shopping at this mall. Enjoy a day at the nation’s biggest theme park indoors, Nickelodeon Universe. You will find 7-acres of attractions as well as entertainment and food at the park. 

You can also enjoy the Minnesota Aquarium, take a virtual flyover America ride, get your American Girl’s hair styled, see the Lego Robot at the Lego Store, play games, go bowling, have fun playing at the two-unique mini-golf courses, or see a movie at a movie theater like no other.

There is just too much to list, but you can visit the website to help plan your trip. We can tell you though that you won’t be able to see and do everything all in one day, so make it a week-long trip and book a room in one of the many lodging choices nearby. 


For the family who loves both a thrill and the water at the same time, Choctaw, Mississippi has it all at the Geyser Falls Water Theme Park. There is so much fun waiting for you on 23-acres of land, and with so much to offer, you won’t know what to do first.

The fun starts on your way in the park when the Geyser Flats teases you with a mist, preparing you for what’s on the other side of the gates. As you walk along the entrance you will get a feel of the tropical atmosphere and the palm trees will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean.

With a choice of 9 different water slides, there will sure to be one to please your picky teen while the smallest of the bunch can play in the interactive children’s fun zone. Take a spot and relax on acres of the sandy beach while you soak up some sun and more of the Caribbean atmosphere.  

When you get hungry go and look for The Beach Club Restaurant where you might have the opportunity to see a show while you eat. If you are looking for something lighter or a tasty treat, there are café’s and snacks that will satisfy your hunger.


If you are planning a trip to Missouri, stop by Crown Center in Kansas City for a unique experience like no other. A variety of activities from shopping to live entertainment spreads out across more than 80-acres. Enjoy shopping at one of the unique, locally owned shops or watch a live performance at the theater.

Visit the aquarium and stroll through the Legoland Discovery Center. Create some art with the kids at Kaleidoscope and don’t miss the Hallmark Visitor’s Center where the history of Hallmark comes alive. 

Enjoy the fountains where you will witness an amazing water show. Visit during Christmas and see the beautiful Mayor’s tree or put on your skates and try out the ice.

There are a variety of dining choices from full service to snacks and since you will want to stick around for a while, there are two luxury hotels on the property for you to catch up on your rest and relax. Many other attractions await, so check out the site and plan your trip now.


Another must-do family activity would be a visit to Glacier National Park. It doesn’t matter if you visit in the summer or in the winter, there will be something for everyone in the family.

Go biking, fishing, hiking, boating, or utilize the snow with some cross-country skiing. The kids will enjoy activities with the rangers and everyone can enjoy a guided tour. There is always something going on at the Glacier and the kids will never get bored with all the things you can do with them while you’re there.   

Enjoy camping at one of the many areas available at the park.


If you’re planning a trip to Nebraska, then you will want to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha. From animal encounters to sea creatures, educational programs, and special events, they have it all. 

Encounter the lemurs, giraffes, and so many more animals and try for an opportunity to feed and pet them. Visit Stingray Beach and interact and feed the stingray and watch the birds in flight.

Hover over the zoo in a chairlift or see it all from the train. Before you leave, ride the carousel, grab a snack, and do some shopping in the gift shop.


The Hoover Dam in Nevada is just one of the many family-friendly places you must see in the state. 

The Hoover Dam is a structure that stands at 726-feet tall on the border of Nevada and Arizona. It’s a historical working plant providing electricity in the private and public sectors in both states.

Visit the dam for an awesome experience and take a tour to see how it all works; the longer tour will give you the best educational experience and a chance to see most of the plant inside and out.

Walk across the scenic bridge for great photography and be sure to listen to the talking flag for an even better learning experience.

It will take you approximately two-hours to completely enjoy the dam and it’s best to arrive early in the morning when it’s cooler.

New Hampshire

On your way to New Hampshire? Be sure and visit Canobie Lake Park in Salem. This amusement and waterpark have something that everyone in the family can enjoy. From thrill rides to kiddie rides, roller coasters to antique cars, it’s all there.

Enjoy a live show, play some games, eat some good food, and do some shopping, all while enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

Your ticket includes the dry and wet side and there is plenty of lodging nearby if you plan to extend your stay.

New Jersey

If your kids are curious how things work, then you must visit the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. There are interactive exhibits for every age, there are even things for the toddlers to enjoy! 

Walk across a skyscraper, check out the bees in the hallway, and tour a storm-resistant, energy-efficient beach house. Of course, these are just a few of the things you will find to do at the science center.

Before the day is over you will want to examine the stars in the planetarium and catch a show at the theater. When you get hungry, look for the café’ and the vending machines. Don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs in the gift shop on your way out.

New Mexico

For a unique vacation, consider visiting Los Alamos, New Mexico where you and your family can experience age-old villages and capture some amazing scenery. You might catch a glimpse of wildlife while taking in all the uniqueness of a small-town atmosphere.

Experience some high-altitude sports, enjoy a walking tour, or visit a museum. You will see national monuments along the way and take some photos from the scenic overlooks.

Plan to stay two or three days so you can be sure you don’t miss anything this town offers. There is an array of parking areas throughout the town along with plenty of lodging, dining, and shopping choices. 

New York

You must visit the Statue of Liberty while you are visiting New York City. The statue stands proudly on Liberty Island overlooking the water. You will need to arrange to board the ferry to get out to the island and while you’re there, be sure and tour the Immigration Museum located on                                                                  Ellis Island.

Before heading out on this adventure be sure and get your tickets so you can visit the crown and pedestal too. While the admission is free, the tickets are limited, so plan to head out early for this part of your trip.

There is a lot of walking involved and if you want to see the crown you should prepare to climb 162 steps attached to a spiral staircase. Plan a self-guided tour or join in one of the free guided tours for the best educational experience.

Enjoy some dining at the Crown Café’ and stop by the gift shop and museum store before you depart the island.

North Carolina

The beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina is a must for your next family vacation. The beaches are beautiful as the lighthouses reflect off the water at night. The seashells come to shore by the buckets full, and the food is to die for.

You will experience the true meaning of Southern Hospitality during your stay at any one of the many B&B’s, hotels, or vacation rentals. You will be surprised at the friendly service you get while browsing one of the many unique shops in town. Eat some delicious local seafood, sample some salt water taffy, play some mini-golf, or try a new water sport. The choices are endless, and nobody will get bored.

With its quaint southern charm, you won’t find your usual restaurants and box stores on every corner, so go ahead, think outside the box this season. 

North Dakota

If you want the best of the outdoors while you’re in North Dakota, then plan a trip to The Theodore Roosevelt National Park. No matter when you decide to take your trip you will find something at this state park to keep everyone happy.

From cycling to hiking you will be sure and get plenty of exercise. Take your horse riding, go fishing, take a scenic tour, or look for some wildlife. In the winter months, put your skis on the snow for some Cross-Country fun.

If you want, you can park your camper or pop your tent at one of the campgrounds located inside the park. Prepare ahead though because there are no restaurants or stores in the park, so you will need to take it all with you when you go.


Make your trip to Columbus come alive when you visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. With 10,000 animals living in six distinct regions and the 100,000-gallon aquarium, you can see how this trip can be amazing.

Not only are there zoo animals and sea creatures, but there are other things too. Check out Jungle Jack’s Landing, ride the carousel and real-life ponies, visit Dinosaur Island or catch a movie at the 4-D Theater.

There is plenty of food and shops spread out between the parks, and just when you thought that was all, attached to the zoo is a waterpark! 

It will take at least a day just to see all the animals, so why not plan to extend your stay and enjoy the waterpark too! The zoo and aquarium are included in one ticket price but the other attractions, including the waterpark, require additional fees.


Saddle up for some fun at the Frontier City Theme Park in Oklahoma City. This theme park will keep your family together and your head spinning as you scream with excitement on the roller coasters or try your hand at the Quick Draw shooting range. Let the young ones drive you around in the antique cars and try to catch them in the bumper cars.

With all the concerts, shows, and special events happening at this theme park, you will be sure and satisfy even the pickiest of the family members. 

Grab a snack, do some shopping, and then rest your head at a nearby hotel before you explore the rest of Oklahoma.


While visiting Oregon be sure and stop in at the OMSI: Science and Technology Museum. There is a level of learning at the museum for every age from 0-100. The older family members will enjoy the Planetarium while the little ones up to age 6 will have fun playing in the Science Playground.

The USS Blueback Submarine is a must-see just before you try out the Motion Simulator and the theater. The museum is filled with halls and rooms of interactive learning activities that are fun and exciting. There are always special events and exhibits to be found and the kids can even go to camps and classes if you plan your trip at the right time.

You can even learn while you eat! From pizza to sandwiches and even snacks, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds while learning something along the way. There is no better way than to learn through interaction. After lunch, let the kids dig under the Arctic into the permafrost.


The Sesame Place in Longhorn, Pennsylvania is a place everyone can appreciate. From the youngest member of your family to the oldest, there are both dry and wet rides and entertainment galore waiting for your arrival. 

The park is set to look like the streets of Sesame Street and every attraction has a theme to match. Ride the newest addition to the park; Oscar’s Wacky Taxi Roller Coaster, take a spin on the Monster Mix-Up and then take a casual ride on the Sunny Day Carousel. 

Plan to dine with Elmo and Friends and then climb through the Monster Clubhouse. The park is full of live shows, entertainment, parades, and special events, so check the website and plan a trip to Sesame Place soon. 

Rhode Island

The Roger Williams Park Zoo covers 40-acres of Providence, Rhode Island. Known as one of the oldest zoos in the country, this one is a must-see stop on your next vacation. You and your family will enjoy all the animal exhibits from the amphibians to the reptiles and everything in between.

The zoo not only offers a wide variety of exhibits, but you will also get a chance to pet and feed some of the animals, and if that isn’t enough, the kids will love riding the camel and touring the park on the train.

You will find restaurants and gift shops, and at this zoo, your picnics are welcome inside the park as well; just be sure your little ones don’t share their lunch with the animals. 

South Carolina

No matter if you like shopping or history, Historical Downtown Charleston has all that and so much more, in fact, there is so much that we can’t list it all.

You will want to start with one of the many tours that are offered, from a carriage ride to a walking tour, that is the best way to learn about the city and its history. If you’re brave, take a ghost tour or visit the haunted jail.

Not only is the natural beauty breathtaking, but the historical homes will astonish you as will the old brick roads and the cobblestone buildings. You won’t want to miss Rainbow Row where the famous colorful homes are lined, and the natural beauty and fresh air of the parks are certainly not to be missed.

When it comes to shopping, there are shops of well-known popularity to unique and unusual boutiques. Take a stroll through the market and check what the vendors have to offer; from sweetgrass baskets to souvenirs you will want to buy one of everything. 

Meander further down toward the water where you will find some Civil War history located at the Battery. Stand along the seawall and look out across the water at the view of the magnificent Ravenel Bridge and when you look closely you will see the USS Yorktown and Fort Sumter, two sites that are also available for you to explore.

While in Charleston, don’t miss out on the aquarium, golfing, and water sports, and don’t worry, you will never be hungry because there are enough restaurants to keep you full during your entire stay. 

South Dakota

While you’re in South Dakota be sure and visit Bear Country USA. This is a perfect and unique way to see bears and wildlife up close without getting hurt. 

At Bear Country, you will drive your vehicle through the park with hopes of seeing wildlife in their natural environment. If you’re lucky you will get to see a bear, wolves, and other wildlife, large, and small.

After your drive, there is an area where you can walk through and see other animals. Sometimes there will be guides that will talk to you and there is usually some kind of daily activities that are going on.

Before making your way there, check out the website for the various hours and the fees. There are also many other activities in the area, so book a room at a local hotel or reserve your spot at one of the campgrounds in the area. 


The best family vacation activity in Tennessee.

If you’re planning a trip to Tennessee, then you must visit Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. This large theme park and water park delivers guaranteed fun for everyone.

Not only will you find thrill rides, family rides, and kiddie rides, but you will also get to watch shows, laugh at the entertainment, and eat lots of food.

Tour Dolly’s interactive museum, Chasing Rainbows, and peek inside her Home on Wheels. Be sure and take a ride on the Dollywood Express and explore the 5-miles of sights through the mountain. When you’ve had enough of the coasters and candy, hop over to the water park for another day of fun!

Stay in a resort or rent a cabin, but whatever you do, be sure and stay for more than a day to get the full experience you deserve. There are a variety of ticket choices and both parks are included with one price. 


Sea World in San Antonio, Texas is waiting for you! There are thrilling rides, animals, and excitement for the whole family at this unique park. 

At Sea World, you can hop on the Journey to Atlantis and ride with the entire family through turns and twists of the wet and dry ride. When you’re finished let the kiddos ride on the Shamu Express, then sit and rest while you watch the sea lions play.

There are so many family-friendly attractions like live entertainment to interactive presentations and events, that you won’t want to miss any of it. You can even go beyond the usual and swim with the Dolphins, it’s all up to you!

There are many ticket options and vacation packages available, so you can make it a week-long event if you desire. 


For some dry thrills or some wet and wild twists, be sure and visit the Lagoon Park in Farmington, Utah. From thrilling coasters to kiddie rides, you will find everything you’re looking for and more.

Hop on the Wild Kingdom Train for a view of some exotic animals or take a walk back through time along the wooden sidewalks of the Pioneer Village. The daredevils in the family will enjoy some time on the Sky Coaster in the X-Venture Zone and when you get too hot, cool off on the rides at Lagoon a Beach.

There are so many rides, shows, and events at the Lagoon that you might want to consider setting up camp at the park’s campground or book a room with an amazing hotel package nearby. 


Do something different with the kids on this trip and take a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory. You enjoy eating it, so why not learn about its history and how it’s made? 

The 30-minute guided tour will include a glimpse of the production room and you will get to sample a flavor at the Scoop Shop. Once the guided tour is complete, you’re welcome to visit the Flavor Graveyard where past flavors have been laid to rest. Be sure and visit the gift shop before you go.

The factory offers special summer events and additional experiences. They also provide a seasonal playground and picnic area. Reservations are not necessary, but you should know that during the busy seasons, tickets might run out fast. 


At Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, everyone will be happy! From giant coasters to kiddie rides, shows, food, shopping, and more, you won’t know what to do first. 

For an exciting thrill try the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster or the newest virtual reality ride, the Battle for Eire. There are numerous kiddie rides and when you’re ready to relax, see the park from the Skyride or the train. There are plenty of shows and presentations throughout the park. Check the website for the seasonal and special events and don’t miss the summer fireworks. 

Choose to purchase a two or three-day pass, so you can enjoy a day at the waterpark too. There are many ticket options and add-on’s that you can choose from and check out the hotel packages that are available for you, so you can get the most out of your stay.


While in Seattle, take the kids to the top of the Space Needle, this is a trip everyone will enjoy, and nobody will forget!

Located at the Seattle Center, the Space Needle stands at 605-feet tall. When you arrive, you will ride to the top by the elevator as you look out over the city on your way up. 

The needle has been newly designed with the world’s first revolving glass floor and glass benches like none you’ve ever seen. You can observe the world beneath you from the observation deck or the glass floors.

While inside the Space Needle, you can enjoy a meal or a drink from the bar. The kids will have fun climbing the Oculus stairs and the virtual reality bungee jump will have everyone’s heart racing.

There is a fee to enjoy the needle, so you will want to prepare for that, and you can spend all day from 8 am until midnight there if you would like. 

West Virginia

Enjoy a trip to West Virginia on Snowshoe Mountain where there is something for everyone to love! From biking to hiking and everything in between, you won’t want to miss all that’s offered on the mountain.

Enjoy swimming, kayaking, and other lake activities; ride some horses and do some golfing. Hop on the scenic lift ride and take some pictures, do some shopping, and eat some delicious food. If the kids are hyper, let them release some of that energy at the Big Top where they can climb a wall, play games, bounce, and do so much more. 

The mountain is open year-round with seasonal activities including skiing in the winter. The kids will enjoy Camp Wildcat, and everyone will enjoy the entertainment and other special events.

Plan to stay awhile and reserve your room through Snowshoe Mountain Lodging for great deals and packages that will make your trip complete.


The Discovery World Science and Technology Center in Milwaukee is a fun and educational place to visit.

The center features the Reiman Aquarium along with many other interactive exhibits. You and your kids will learn about Physics and how machines work. There is a virtual reality exhibit as well as a replica of the Challenge; a 19th Century sailing vessel. The center offers summer camps, family weekend workshops, special events, along with many other exhibitions and stations for your family to explore.

Hours and ticket prices vary, so you will want to be sure and prepare before heading out to this 120,00 square foot science center.


No matter if you’re planning to visit Wyoming in the winter or the summer, there is something going on for everyone to enjoy at Yellowstone National Park. 

In the spring and summer, you will find a larger variety of things to do like boating, fishing, horseback riding, and bicycling. In the winter, not only can you ski, but you can take your snowmobile down the hills and snowshoes too! Any time of the year, you can take a guided tour and the wildlife are always out for you to see.

There are campgrounds and lodges if you want to make your stay more fun, but before you tie up the final plans, be sure and check for the hours and fees and make sure you have all your permits and reservations lined up.

A list of the best family vacation activities in each state. The ultimate family travel guide with kid friendly activities. These vacation ideas are sure to deliver lasting memories.

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