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Whether it’s Shakespeare, a Nursery Rhyme or in your Dramatic Play Center!

All children are born actors! Observe the games they play; look at the many roles each child will play, without inhibitions. Be aware of their naturally focused energy and concentration on an objective.

Do you remember back to your days playing ‘Cowboys and Indians’, ‘Power Rangers’ or ‘house’? It’s still the same for kids today!!! Think about puppets, dolls, action figures, finger play and masks…about themes, Halloween, costumes and dress-up … it’s all drama.

Don’t be afraid to include it in your program or classroom; it’s fun and kids love it!!!

When presenting drama through experimentation, we reinforce the sense of wonder and magic that is part of being a child. Children in drama should be comfortable. There should be no, “How do I look?” “Where do I stand?” “How do I sound?” “What if I make a mistake?” Each attempt, successful or otherwise–is a step toward creativity and learning about life.

Gear drama in your classrooms and programs with improvising and experimentation; nurture young children to trust their natural instinct. Children have the ability to act and react honestly and naturally; that is what we should constantly reinforce. Rather than providing a performance for an audience, these drama activities are focused more on developing the personality of children!

This is a great resource for your Drama Club or just for fun! During your Drama Activities, explore the following ideas…in addition to preparing a production of Readers’ Theater, a play, skit or puppet show!

This category has four sections, You can scroll through all or click on the link you’d like. It’s advisable to read the ‘tips’ on the Pantomime page.

1.)  The Different Types of Drama click here

2.)  Pantomine, Tips and Games

3.)  Improv Games and Exercises

4.) A Variety of Drama Games/Activities

If you’re interested in Costumes or Make Up Ideas-click here


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