Diversity and Multi Cultural Intro and Links

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AFFIRMING DIVERSITY: Does your program and school …

•  ESTABLISH a commitment to equity and inclusion.

•  KNOW your community.

•  HIRE staff that reflect the community and that understand diversity issues.

•  PROVIDE staff orientation and training on issues related to equity and diversity.

•  CREATE a program environment that is inclusive, multicultural, and reflects the communities you serve.

•  INCORPORATE attention to diversity and equity into program design.

•  LOOK for program materials that are up-to-date and non-stereotypical, and that reflect the backgrounds and experiences of participants and their families.

•  BUILD cultural relevance into your plans for academic support and enrichment.

•  DEVELOP inclusive outreach and application materials.

•  ESTABLISH a Board or Advisory Committee whose membership reflects the communities served.
Source: schoolagenote of the day: April 18, 2007 schoolagenotes.com.


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‘Traveling Around the World’ is a great theme for multicultural experiences as well as popular for classroom, day camp and childcare programs! Category resources available at this time are:



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