Community Service Intro and Links

Community Service Intro and Links

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Identify areas of interest — Talk about the kinds of issues you’d like to help and the kinds of activities you’d like to do. Are you most concerned about low-income people, senior citizens, refugees, or homeless? Or is your program and family more passionate about caring for abandoned animals or caring for the environment?

  • Try something once — Decide together the kinds of things you’d like to try one time, and start with that. Be sure to choose projects that allow every member, regardless of age, to contribute in a meaningful way.
  • Involve children — Actively involve children in choosing and planning service projects. Pay attention to what interests them and what they seem most concerned about, as those are areas where they’re likely to invest more energy. Give them responsibilities that match their abilities and interests.
  • Start close to home —Start looking for opportunities where you already have connections.You may find opportunities through  school, other programs and families, or local community and service organizations.
  • Ask others — If you know of other school or child care programs…or have friends or have family members who volunteer regularly… ask them if you can join them. Talk with others  as to whether they’d like to do something together.

Adapted to program needs from

Never underestimate the strength of the young ones. They are amazing.

1. Have children brainstorm ideas.
2. Set ground rules:

  • No idea is laughed at.
  • No idea is stupid.
  • No idea is ruled out until the end.

3. Then consider, “How can we really do this?” (Adapted from Tiffany Cooper)

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