Art Gallery - Grades 1 to 3

Art Gallery: Grades 1 to 3

Childhood is a time of exploration.  It is a time for children to discover themselves and the world…Most young children have  natural enthusiasm for art. A lump of clay or a brush at the easel allows children to communicate through their artistic endeavors.

Pause awhile and enjoy the images on these pages. Our artists are chidren from Stetson Hills School in Phoenix, Arizona; their talented teacher is Shannon Stewart.

This category is also a resource to show what children at different ages and stages can do! Some may surprise you…Take back ideas and encourage individual expression and experimentation in the children with whom you work!

IMAGES BY GRADE 1~The above “Wax Resist” Memaid is also Grade 1

Button Gumball Machine and Fabric and Yarn Cat

Cactus: Construction paper, water color, torn tissue paper, tooth picks or pasta


Paper Plate Weaving and Paper and Paint


Wax Resist

For some of Shannon’s ideas with photographs on this site visit:

Go to Page 2~grades 4-8 Art Gallery..


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