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Supplies & Activities for Drama and Music Centers!

July 5, 2009 17:57 by Barbara Shelby



Encourage creativity and language development in your children by providing a creative dramatic area in your center. Ensure the classroom has "special materials and play areas geared to encourage children in particular domains while appealing to their interests."

A few dramatic play center arrangements could be puppets, home center, doctor's office, or other real-world play areas. (See photo below)


• Adult Clothing -including mens ties and jackets 
Halloween /Theatrical 
 Hats/Wigs/Feather Boas 
Nail Polish and Non-Acetone Remover (With adult supervision)
Shoes/High Heels
Washable Face Paint at bottom of page in  "Costume Category"
Full-Length Mirror


Click here  for Costume Making and Make Up Ideas



 • Cooking and Serving Utensils
 • Dishes
 • Flowers (Plastic or Silk) 
 • Iron and Ironing Board
 • Literacy Enrichment in housekeeping:
  ...Appliance Instructions
  ...Food Packaging
 • Play Food
 • Pots and Pans
 •Table/Chairs, Table Cloth, Stove/Sink/Refrigerator


Don't have a window in your room? Make one! (This Dramatic Play Center is in the room of  lilteacher)

Consider changing your dramatic play area every month to reflect a different Theme.

 Example: One month set up a doctor's office with real stethoscope, x-rays, doctor's scrubs, dolls for patients, ace bandages, gloves, and play- doctor kits. The following month change the theme. The photo to left is an example of an "Animal Clinic".



Programs should have ITEMS TO PLAY:
 • Court
 • Doctor/Nurse/Hospital/Vetinarian 
    with...Stethoscope, Gauze, Lab Coats
    ...Splints and Bandages 
 • House 
 • Office
 • TV News
 • Weather
 • Restaurant
 • Travel
    with...Computer Keyboard
    ...Plane Tickets
    ...Travel Brochures
 • Play Money/Coins/Check Book
 • Puppets 
   ...Puppet Theater and scripts 
 • Tape Recorder/Microphone
 • Tool Carrier and Tools/Workbench
 • Flash Light


 MOVEMENT, MUSIC, DANCE, SUPPLIES Music and Dance are Perfoming Arts and are often used with Drama and Dramatic Play.


 • Conga Line
 • Electric Slide/Hustle
 • Free Style
 • Hip Hop
 • Hokey Pokey
 • Line Dance
 • Macarena
 • Square
 • Limbo
 • Whatever is in Style

Also-Pom Pom, Cheerleading and Ribbon Dancing...



 • DVD Player-DVDS
 • Finger Play Activities
 • Harmonica
 • Guitar
 • Kazoo
 • Karaoke Machine
 • Key Board
 • Maracas
 • Microphones
 • Mobile Storage Cabinet
 • Radio
 • Recorders
 •  Rhythm Instruments
 • Rhythm Sticks
 • Ribbons and Streamers
 • Shakers
 • Song Books
 • Tambourine
 • Tapes---Blank and Pre-recorded
 • Parachute
 • Poles
 • Pom Poms


Make Home Made Instruments  

Many can be made from Recycled Materials...Also see what to do with them once they are made! You may also be interested in 'Music Enrichment Activities' for school age youth.



 • Act out a Song that tells a story
 • Aerobics and Yoga
 • Jump Rope
 • Move to how it makes you feel
 • Paint to how it makes you feel
 • Play Games
 • Throw Bean Bags
 • Use Scarves
 • Use Streamers and pom poms
 • Use at Transitions and as a Signal
 • Use to set the“Mood”...Very Important!


Other Centers:

  If you work in a Child Care Center or "Before and After School Program", also visit "Does Your Environment Say you are a Professional?"