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Music in School and After School Programs

October 29, 2009 19:44 by Barbara Shelby



MARCH IS 'MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOL' MONTH...however, most of these ideas are fun any time of the year...The 2011 MIOSM Theme is 'Music Lasts a Lifetime'...


1. Make a "Music Month" calendar, and suggest that students dress for different musical eras. Play appropriate music as students arrive in the morning, lunchtime, or to the after school program.

2. Add a musical touch to the morning announcements. Try having a "mystery tune" each day, or a music trivia question.

3.  Ask the lunchroom to rename items using musical themes such as Polka Potatoes, Harmonic Ham Sandwiches, etc. Have students suggest these fun names. If this is for an after school program--add a 'musical' twist to snack and cooking project names!

4.  Sponsor a poster or poetry contest. Posters and poems should support "Music In Our Schools" and revolve around the current year's theme. Have individuals from outside the school judge the entries.

5.  Plan an all-school (or all program) sing.

6.  Have a talent show emphasizing music. Tell a story, a joke, or read poetry about music, and be sure to include traditional acts of singing, playing instruments, etc. Invite the parents, and choose a winning act from each class/group to perform in a winners' assembly.

7. Collaborate with the art teacher and have students design posters, banners, and buttons featuring  a music ( or the MIOSM) theme.

8. Ask students to draw their favorite musical instrument, have them design an instrument of the future, or make homemade instruments.

9. Collaborate with your school's history or social studies departments to create cross-curricular activities based on the theme of the concert or the pieces being performed.

10. Ask students to cut pictures of music and musicians out of magazines and create a musical wall collage for your program or classroom(s).

11. Have students list ways in which music is a part of their everyday lives. Have them compare lists with friends and family members.

12. Invite teachers in your school to sing along with your students at a concert. Better yet, create a teacher chorus or instrumental ensemble to perform at a MIOSM concert.

13. Take a field trip during Music Month to hear a local college group, community chorus or orchestra...or... invite a group to perform at your school or for your program.

14. Invite local Collegiate members to participate through performing, teaching, games, and discussions.

15. Take students to a local senior center or hospital and invite everyone to participate in the sing-along.


These ideas have been adapted to after-school programs from the Music in our School Month Website. Please visit it to participate in the yearly event!

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