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Make Bookmarks with Kids

July 15, 2009 00:48 by Barbara Shelby

Great for gifts, for kids to keep or for yourself!


Put out a variety of construction paper, markers, paints, and stickers. You can also use glitter, sequins, lace, doilies, buttons, and any other odds and ends you have left over from other projects. Individual-creative book marks! 

Cut the front of appropriate greeting cards into 2 inch wide strips. Punch a hole at the top of each strip and attach a yarn tassel. Children can decorate the backs of the strips with markers and crayons if desired...
Open art table...

Tip: Cut strips from construction paper; painting the construction paper will make it sturdier-- or you can visit the local library or office supply to have them laminated for longer lasting use. To complete the bookmark, attach a tassel made from strands of yarn.


#3 MAKE A BOOK WORM BOOKMARK GIFT to keep pages from wiggling away!

 1. Draw a worm on card-stock paper - large and wide-enough to mark a page well. (You can have children make their own bookworm or you can make a template for them to trace)
2. Cut out the worms. With a craft punch, make a hole at the top.
3. Now personalize the worms! Make swirls, dots, and lines in different colors. Add a silly face, some words, or the name of a favorite book.
4. Flip the bookmark over and decorate the other side a whole new way!
5. Embellish the bookmark with ribbon, string, or yarn tied into the hole at the top. Add self-adhesive google eyes or other decorations, too.
6. If you can, laminate them to use repeatedly. (Source
The above bookmark idea and photo is from


Time for reading
• Reading is the next best thing to....
• Switch on to reading
• I'm a bookworm
• Sssh! I'm reading
• Dive into a book
• Enter a different world - read!
• Enjoy a book- get reading!
• I've got my head in a book
• Have you chosen a good book?
• R is for reading
• 54321 READ!
• Ready, steady, READ!
• Reading is fun!
• I ♥ reading!
• Reading is cool!
• Reading forever!
• I ♥ 2 read!
• Make friends with a book!
• What's inside your book?
• Born to read
• I'm off to see the world - read!
• I'm ready for reading!
• On your mark, get set, READ!


These are fun and easy for kids to create.

Simply cut lengths of ribbon (these are 12 to 14 inches long, to fit a standard-size hardcover book), then attach buttons to the ends using tacky glue or a glue gun.
Shown here are just a few of the decorating options: sandwiching the ribbon's ends between two buttons; stacking smaller atop larger buttons; and grouping several small buttons in a pattern.



Love this idea! My husband has been doing a lot of reading--so when I saw this idea--I quickly pulled out a couple envelopes (one bright orange business-size and one smaller greeting card).
Did my thing with cutting (without measuring) and embellished a bit. Both corner bookmarks came out great! Try this fun and easy idea with your kids--or yourself!


Select envelopes to use. The corners of the envelopes should be in good condition--as you'll cut the corner off the envelope and use the corner to create your bookmark.


If you want more precision than what I did-
Measure 2-inches down the sides of the corner of the envelope. Make a small pencil mark at each location.

Draw a straight line from one side of the corner to the other side of the corner, at the pencil marks. You have created a triangle shape at the corner of your envelope. Cut the triangle-shaped corner off of the envelope. (You can also use scissors with decorative edges)

Slip the cut corner on the page of a book. This will give you an idea of how it fits.

You can now decorate as desired using lace, gift wrap, ribbon, hand-made drawings and paint, small images, stickers, rubber-stamps or calligraphy.  If you embellish, glue decorations on the bookmark and let dry.

Experiment with different kinds of envelopes...Colored, onion-skin and handmade envelopes all create interesting corner bookmarks.

These would also make a great seasonal craft or gift. Add ghosts or pumpkins for Halloween,  a turkey for Thanksgiving or a heart for Valentine's Day. Image source: Sharonscrapbook


You know the OLD PAINT CHIP CARDS you used when you were trying to decide what color to paint? They can be turned into great book marks (gift tags too)...Put a hole in them with a hole puncher, string ribbon through them! You now have great book marks!
Tip: Add paint cards to your "Parent Wish List"!




This simple project comes from myplumpudding--it saves books from dog ears and recycles cardboard from the trash!

1. Simply pull out your colorful cardboard packages, flatten them out and cut them into strips about 1 1/2" x 6". A paper cutter will give you a more consistent cut. And any size strip will do--as long as it fits in your book.
2. Trim corners with a corner rounding tool, scissors or an X-acto.
3. Punch a hole in the top and thread it with a matching ribbon


#8 'STICKER' BOOKMARKS--good for younger children

Colored cardstock or used/discarded manila folders
Ribbon, thread or yarn
Hole punch

Cut out the paper into various shapes and sizes
Punch a hole at the top and thread a ribbon or colored yarn through the hole. Tie into place
Decorate with stickers.
Image Source:mumsgather



1. Brush rubber cement onto a piece of cardstock in an area larger than the size your finished bookmark will be. Stick on a scrap of fabric, smoothing out any wrinkles.

2. Flip the cardstock over and repeat for the back side of the bookmark.

3. Mark the edges of the bookmark with a ruler and pencil, then cut it out using a sharp scissors.

4. Punch a hole at the top  and tie on thin ribbon, thread or yarn.






Wrap a piece of masking tape (sticky side out) around each child's wrist. Go on a nature walk and have children collect a leaf from each of several trees---sticking it on their leaf bracelet.

Get a Book with a variety of leaves to compare 'finds' when you return. Children will also be able to go home and see what leaves they find there!

As shown, take clear packing tape and make wonderful bookmarks with a variey of nature finds! Photograph courtesy of Angela at Colorfool ...Angela shares that flat items adhere better than bulky.



MAKE AND LAMINATE BOOKMARKS for your school or hometown library.
With your class or program, make some pretty bookmarks; leave them in a basket on the library counter for other children and adults to take one when they check out books.



Fun Foam in assorted colors
Decorative scissors (optional)
White glue
Fine-point permanent markers in assorted colors
3/4" pompom
Two 5 mm movable eyes

1. Cut 2" x 10" strips of Fun Foam for base of bookmark. Cut additional shapes, such as face or star. Use decorative scissors if desired.
2. Glue shapes to one end of strip. Decorate shapes with markers, movable eyes, pompom nose, yarn and hair.
Extension: Write names of books you've read on base strip. Source: Women's Day-July 8, 2008; Image by Paula Hible 



When you "catch a child" in an act of kindness, give them one of the bookmarks! Children receiving the bookmark feel good and the other children will want to know how to get one. It presents an opportunity to discuss altruism and acts of kindness with your group. Special bookmarks may be downloaded on the Random Acts of Kindness web-site. 

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation...
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation inspires people to practice kindness and to "pass it on" to others. They provide free educational and community ideas, guidance, and other resources to kindness participants through the website.

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2012~February 13-19


Also...Check out the Month of October! It hosts Kids Care Week, World Food Day, Diversity Awareness Month, Make a Difference Day, Bullying Prevention Month, and Peace, Friendship and Goodwill Week! Whew! Lots of days to celebrate kindness and service! 




Simply take a large paper clip and tie a group of three or four ribbon lengths to the top of the clip. (The amount depends on the width of the ribbon.)  The clips are great to mark book pages as well as clip envelopes and folders.