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Letter & Word Art

May 4, 2009 17:43 by Barbara Shelby




Have fun combining  letters and words and turning it into works of art... many ideas from the simple to more intricate.

Unless otherwise indicated, images on this page come from 1st to 7th grade students of Shannon Stewart at Stetson Elementary School in Phoenix.

Now...challenge your kids to see what they  come up with!



Name Quilts-Grade 1                                






















Shoes by Lace






"Word Snap Shot"~ Collage using words and simple drawing









First Names




This is how to do this...







This below display wall sample is from Display Photos. Children used pastels to draw their nicknames or initials in the style of graffiti writing. Graffiti  responsibly was also discussed during this art activity.




1. Have children practice cutting out letters using the concepts of symmetry.
2. Using black and brown  paper, challenge youth to create a design using their name.
As you see, the results can be great! Image source: techyteacher (Sixth grade students Hope and Jacob)




Write the ABC's in 'BUBBLE LETTERS'

Begin by showing students how to draw "bubble" letters. When ready...
1. Have children write the ABC's in bubble-style. Change the size and direction of the letters, using overlap, to add variety and interest.
2. Draw line patterns in the background, repeating some patterns, drawing some lines thick, others thin, etc.
3. When the background is filled, color the letters with markers.
Idea Source and Image by 6th grader of 



What do you see first? The 'word' or the 'picture'...RAT (Tail)?