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November 23, 2011 00:01 by Barbara Shelby


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Super clean Jars--the mouth of the jar just needs to be big enough so a tea light candle can fit through it. 
Beads and tea light candles 
Large bag of hard candy such as mints 
Hot glue gun and glue sticks: Remember, young children and hot glue don't mix, so make sure you do all the gluing!

1. Sort beads by color. (Red and green for Christmas? Yellow, red and green for Kwanzaa? Blue and white for Hanukkah?) Or any color the children wish...

2. Hot glue the beads onto the outside of the jar. When the glue is dried,  pull off the leftover glue strings from the jar.

3. Unwrap candies and arrange the mints in each jar to make a "bed" for the tea lights. Fill it up as high as desired; make sure the top is relatively flat so that the candle can sit level. Experiment to get a look you like.
4. Dirctions say to take the tealight out of the metal and put it on top of the "bed" in each jar--(I would find a small candle container to catch the melted wax--as not to melt all over the candy. This way the jar can be used several times. Barb)

5. Finish off with a  length of ribbon and tie it around the top of the jar...  Alternately, stick some embellishments around the top of the jar to finish it off. Make sure that the end product doesn't have anything hanging over the opening of the jar that could create a fire hazard
You can make bigger decorated jars out of industrial-sized condiment jars and pillar candles.
This idea is adapted from ParentsConnect Holiday Ideas. (Photo from same) ...... Well I made my own (Dec. 2011)--but did it from memory without reading the directions! NOT the same at all! See below.





This project is written more as a 'blog entry' than a website idea--but I want to share my experience...

Going by memory on how to make the original craft --I made my 'Holiday Jars'! I purchased lots of hard and round peppermint out the hot glue gun and began to glue 'candy by candy' on the OUTSIDE of the jar. The three jars used were much larger than the first image above...The gluing of all candy and filling in with tiny beads took 22 minutes for each jar-not bad! (TIP: be sure to have a small bowl or ice ready for hot glue on the finger tips--I only needed it twice-but was glad it was there!)

I then hot glued the ribbon around the top to finish off. I noticed that some of the candy felt a bit sticky-so sprayed the outside of jars and coated the candy with Krylon Acrylic Coating. Yes, it did take care of the stickiness.

AFTER all this was completed I read the original directions. Yikes! Only beads were glued on the outside of the jar... and the candy was put inside the jar! Ta-daa--I now have an original craft idea.

As the images show, one jar will be used for a holiday vase and the other as a candle jar. A smaller candle jar/with candle was placed inside the other. Because the candy can be expensive--I would use smaller jars than the large saurkraut jars in this sample craft. The first idea at the top of the page-- is however much easier.

After reading the original directions... I didn't have any large beads so improvised with pom-poms! Everything else was done according to directions with the candy layered INSIDE. Again, a glass votive candle holder was placed on top of the candy to catch wax dripping... Images by


FUN  ORNAMENTS... A few ideas! (Two foam, the bells and one felt)


1. FOAM: If you don't sew----use cookie cutters to cut shapes from Fun Foam. Press the cookie cutter into a sheet of Fun Foam. The cutters will leave an outline.
Cut along the lines, and decorate the shapes for the holidays with markers, paint, glued-on beads or glitter.
Punch a hole in the top of each ornament to accommodate a ribbon or cord hanger.

2. The sample crafts are a great Fund Raising Idea as well as 'group craft making' projects...These cute ornaments come from Kits at OrientalTrading

As a 'fund raiser' they were made by staff and friends at Elmwood American House in Rochester, Mi. for their annual Family Thanksgiving party. They were sold at $1.00 each (the wreaths are $6.25 for 12 and bell kits are $7.25 a dozen--2011 kit prices)...

These can also be made without the kits... Example: Tiney bells are threaded onto pipe cleaners--shaped into a loop and then tied with ribbon  Make templates for the others where children can trace, cut and glue the foam or felt! 



MAKE STARS OR SNOWFLAKES... Stars/Snowflakes are made by gluing two craft sticks together in a cross shape. Next, criss-cross two other craft sticks and glue in place.  Stick stars may be left plain or decorated with glitter or pom poms. Last, loop and glue either ribbon or yarn to the back to hang.

HOLIDAY TREE: Tree is made by gluing 3 craft sticks together in the shape of a triangle. A couple inches of another craft stick is cut to make the tree trunk. Glue a loop or ribbon or yarn to make a hanger. Decorate the tree as desired with pom poms or glitter, etc. (Image by

Note: The sticks used for these projects were purchased pre-painted; however, sticks may be painted by children before project begins.



(From KidActivities
Hanukkah Theme page)

6 Popsicle sticks for each star (Either colored sticks or painted)
Glitter (Optional)
Ribbon or yarn

1. Glue three sticks into a triangle shape. Glue the next three sticks into another triangle.
2. Glue the one triangle on top of the other triangle in opposite directions. This will give you the star shape.
3. Decorate star as desired. To hang- loop the ribbon or yarn at the top and attach with glue. (Image by


3 popsicle sticks
2 google eyes
1 red pom pom
1. Glue 2 popsicle sticks together and make a 'V' shape.
2. About 1/3 or the way from the top, glue the third popsicle stick horizontally across the others.
3. Glue on googly eyes under the cross stick.
4. Glue the red pom pom at the bottom of the V-shape. (Photo from Reindeer Crafts--website no longer exists)



 Three Different ideas to create gift-wrap paper...

#1. Sponge-print holiday designs on brown wrapping paper.
#2. Decorate paper lunch bags with glitter-glue designs and holiday stickers. (Discount School Supply has nice big white bags)
#3. Rubber-stamp prints on butcher/roll paper, using washable ink pads in holiday colors.
Gift Wrap Category  (including ideas for 'pretzel wrapping') for more ideas and other photographs...

Monica from The Homespun Heart states that her favorite gift wrap is brown craft paper and simple twine. This photograph is a creative way she's embelishes plain brown paper. Some of the many items Monica incorporates into her wrapping are "... pages from old books, mini clothespins, magazine pictures, felt scraps, sticks from the yard, buttons, ribbon and sewing notion scraps." When wrapping gifts with children, the wrapping procedure is an artistic endeavor in itself!



All that is needed is yarn, Cardboard toilet paper tubes, and a bit of strong glue.

1. Cut about 1 1/2 inches of cardboard circles off of the TP tubes. (Or the width you would like your finsished rings to be.
2. Tie a knot before beginning to wrap and glue this to the inside of the tube.
3. Wrap the tube -through the hole-around and around until it is completely covered with the yarn.
4. Make another knot and glue it in the tube to ensure that the yarn does not unravel.
Optional: Tie a piece of thin ribbon around the tube to complete the look. (Image by

Note: These napking rings can be made in any colors for any time of the year! If made over the course of time, they would be nice gifts for children to give to someone...





This doll was made in 1990, and still makes it to the tree each year! For directions visit the How to Make Yarn Dolls page...



Put 3 cinnamon sticks in a plastic bag and add a couple  drops of Cinnamon fragrance oil and shake together. Remove sticks; tie together in a bundle with raffia or ribbon to scent a room. (MAKES A NICE GIFT)




Approx. 6"x6" tiles
Holiday paper napkins
Modge Podge (A water-based glue, finish and sealer)
Felt (Peel-off sticky back  was used on sample)
Krylon type fixative finish (optional)

1. Brush modge podge generously on the tile. (The cocktail napkins and the tiles were the exact size as each other; no trimming was necessary)
2. Gently lay/apply the napkin over the tile. When napkin adheres to tile--carefully apply one or two more coats over the napkin covered tile.
To ensure longevity, Krylon spray was used over each tile.
3. Cut felt piece to fit. If 'peel off' is used--just peel and place on bottom of tile. If regular felt used--glue to bottom.
These can now be used as a decoration or coaster. (I tested the 'completed tile' by placing a hot cup of tea on it. There was no change in the finish)



Collect and save the front of old Christmas/Holiday cards. To make the puzzle-- glue the card front onto card-stock.
With a black marker, draw several squiggle lines on the BACK SIDE of the card.
Cut the card following the lines.

Keep and mark the name of each puzzle in its own baggie.


This is KidActivities preferred method. Youth can keep the pieces in place as they put the puzzzle together. A magnetic board or a refrigerator work great for this! 

Find a Christmas greeting card that is printed on stiff paper.
Take the front of the card and cut it into several puzzle pieces.
On the back of each piece, attach a small magnet or segment of magnetic strip.
The children can put them back together on anything that a magnet will stick to!!!


  REINDEER 'TREE BULB' ORNAMENT...This 'little guy' has been around about 11 years and still makes it to the tree each year! You can use the photo  as a guide to follow.
Glue on wiggle eyes and a pom-pom nose.
Cut a piece thin ribbon and tie it into a loop for hanging. Glue the loop to light bulb.
Form antlers out of a chenille/pipe cleaner stem--twist it around the top of the bulb or glue it to the light bulb. (Made by D. Biggs--image by


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