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Valentine Jokes for Kids

January 6, 2011 16:48 by Barbara Shelby


These Jokes are fun to tell---but also great to use on  Valentine cards you make!  Put the question on the cover and the answer inside! Draw, paint, or decorate the card as the joke indicates...


Q. What did the boy elephant say to the girl elephant on Valentine's Day?
A. I love you a ton!

Q. What did the boy bat say to the girl bat on Valentine's Day?
A. You're fun to hang around with!

Q. What did the boy cat say to the girl cat on Valentine's Day?
A. You're purrr-fect for me!

Q. What did the boy pickle say to the girl pickle on Valentine's Day?
A. You mean a great dill to me!

Q. What did the boy bird say to the girl bird on Valentine's Day?
A. Let me call you Tweet heart!

Q. What did the boy squirrel say to the girl squirrel on Valentine's Day?
A. I'm nuts about you!

Q. What did the girl squirrel say to the boy squirrel on Valentine's Day?
A. You're nuts so bad yourself!

Q. What did the boy rabbit say to the girl rabbit on Valentine's Day?
A. Somebunny likes you!

Q. What did the boy bear say to the girl bear on Valentine's Day?
A. I wuv you beary much!

Q. What do you call a very small valentine?
A. A valentiny!

Q. What kind of flowers do you never give on Valentine's Day?
A. Cauliflowers!

Q. What did the boy bee say to the girl bee on Valentine's Day?
A. You are bee- utiful! Will you bee mine?

Q. What did the girl bee say to the boy bee on Valentine's Day?
A. I love beeing with you, Honey!

Q. What did the boy whale say to the girl whale on Valentine's Day?
A. Whale you be mine?

Q. What did the buck say to the doe on Valentine's Day?
A. You're a dear! (Deer)

Q. What did the boy owl say to the girl owl on Valentine's Day?
A. Owl be yours!

Q. What did the boy sheep say to the girl sheep on Valentine's Day?
A. I love ewe!

Q. What did the girl sheep say to the boy sheep on Valentine's Day?
A. You're not so baaaaaa-d yourself!

Q. What did the farmer give his wife on Valentine's Day?
A. Hogs and kisses!

Q. What did the caveman give his wife on Valentine's Day?
A. Ughs and kisses!

Q. What two words have a thousand letters in them?
A. Post Office!

Q. Why is lettuce the most loving vegetable?
Because it's all heart.

Q. What do squirrels give for Valentine's Day?

Q. What did the letter say to the stamp?
You send me.

Q. What did the stamp say to the envelope?
A. I'm stuck on you.

Q. What is a vampire's sweetheart called?
A. His ghoul-friend.

Q. Why did the banana go out with the prune?
A. Because it couldn't get a date.

Q. What is a ram's favorite song?
A. I only have eyes for ewe, Dear

Q. What happens when you fall in love with a French chef?
A. You get buttered up.
Q. What is the difference between a girl who is sick of her boyfriend and a sailor who falls into the ocean?
A. One is bored over a man the other is a man overboard.

Q. If your aunt ran off to get married, what would you call her?
A. Antelope.
Q. Did Adam and Eve ever have a date?
A. No, but they had an apple.

Q. What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?
A. I wanna hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand...

Q. What did the valentine card say to the stamp?
A. Stick with me and we'll go places!
Q. What did the paper clip say to the magnet?
A. I find you very attractive.

Q. What did the bat say to his girlfriend?
A. You're fun to hang around with.

Q. What did one light bulb say to the other?
A. I love you a whole watt!

Q. What did the elephant say to his girlfriend?
 A. I love you a ton!

Q. What did the chocolate syrup say to the ice cream?
A. I'm sweet on you!
Q. Did you hear about the nearsighted porcupine?
A. He fell in love with a pin cushion!

Q. What did the pencil say to the paper?
A. I dot my i's on you!

Q. Do skunks celebrate Valentine's Day?
A. Sure, they're very scent-imental!


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Frank who?
Frank you for being my friend!

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Jimmy who?
Jimmy a little kiss?

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Atlas who?
Atlas Valentine's Day is here!

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Olive who?
Olive you!

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Luke who?
Luke, I got a Valentine!


Food Based Gifts Kids Can Make

July 24, 2010 19:28 by Barbara Shelby

GIFT SPOON IDEAS...USE FOR COFFEE, HOT CHOCOLATE OR TEA! Nice gifts but also a great winter time activity!!!

These are nice!
For 12 spoons need:
1 cup (6 oz) semi-sweet chocolate chips and 12 heavy-duty plastic spoons in winter colors ( OR....pick up mismatched spoons at a thrift store)

Melt the chocolate in the microwave. Start at about 2 minutes and then keep checking. You don't want to burn the chocolate. Dip the spoons into the chocolate...allow the spoons to cool slightly, then dip them in the chocolate again. Repeat until chocolate reaches your desired thickness on the spoon. If a gift---after the spoons are cool, wrap them in gift cellophane and tie with a ribbon or yarn. Wonderful for coffee and hot chocolate...



1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 candy cane or 5 peppermint candies, crushed
12 heavy-duty plastic spoons in Christmas colors

1.  Put candy in a baggie and crush with a rolling pin.
2.  Melt chocolate.
3.  Dip spoons into chocolate to fill.
4.  Sprinkle with crushed candy.
5.  Place on waxed paper covered cookie sheet to cool.
Wrap with cellophane and tie with ribbons for gifts.



 34 pieces crushed, flavored hard candy; 2 Tbls. light corn syrup; heavyweight clear plastic spoons

  • Line a jellyroll pan with waxed paper and spray it with cooking spray. In a small, heavy saucepan- combine crushed candies and corn syrup over low heat. Continuously stir as the candy melts.
  • Spoon the melted candy into the bowl of each spoon.
  • Place the spoons on a prepared pan with a rim so the spoons are level. Let them stay until the candy again hardens.
  •  Store in airtight container or wrap in gift cellophane and ribbons for a gift.




  • Insert a small funnel into the top of a 3x4 resealable bag.
  • Measure and pour into the bag- 2 teaspoons unsweetened instant tea, ½ tsp. sugar-free cranberry gelatin, and 1/4 tsp. cinnamon powder.
  • Remove the funnel and seal the bag.
  • Repeat for as many as desired (each gift bag should have two).
  • Stack together two 10 ounce foam cups. Put the bags of tea mix into the top cup.
    Put in a jar, wrap prettily and give with instructions.
    2 cups Tang
    1/2 cup instant tea
    1 package lemonade mix-3 oz.
    1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
    3/4 tsp. cloves (optional)
    1/2 cup sugar
  • Combine ingredients. Use 2 or 3 heaping teaspoons of mixture to each cup of water. Serve hot or cold.
  • Include the recipe and preparation directions:
    “Pour 8 ounces of boiling water into cup. Stir contents of one tea bag until dissolved. Add sugar to taste.”
  • Wrap the cups in colorful tissue paper. Add a ribbon or bow.



CHECK OUT THE recipes and goodies with PRETZELS in the PRETZEL CATEGORY! So many it has its own category! Also has ideas to wrap gift wrap them...



HERSHEY'S KISSES Flower Bouquet 

Materials: 6" lengths of 12 gauge floral wire
Silk flower leaves
Green floral tape
Clear cellophane
Hershey Kisses Milk Chocolates
To create Chocolate Roses:

  •  For each candy rose, spread glue on the bottom of one foil-wrapped chocolate. Firmly press the bottom of another chocolate to it.
  • Insert florist wire into one pointed end of the double chocolates, twisting cellophane, continuing down the full length of wire with tape.
  • Add 1 or 2 artificial leaves, if desired, securing leaves in place with florist tape.

You can also make them by taking two Hershey kisses...  first insert a pipe cleaner or wire into one. Next attach kisses together at flat end with tape or glue; wrap them with red saran wrap. Take 2 wire leaves and attach them to the pipe cleaner with florist tape.......



For a Valentine's Day or _____ gift make -- a "Hershey Kiss" using rice krispie treats. 
1. Make a batch of the krispie treats
2. Spray a funnel using Pam and push some of the treat into the funnel making a kiss shape.
3. Put the kiss shape onto a piece of foil and wrap it up. Add a gift carad saying I love you or _________!



1 cup powdered non-dairy creamer
1 1/3 cups granulated sugar
1 cup instant coffee
1 cup hot cocoa mix
8 regular sized candy canes, crushed

Blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender until it becomes a smooth powder. Place mixture in small jars and decorate with fabric and ribbon-- and attach the tag.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR TAG (attach to jar/bag)... Candy Cane Cappuccino:
Stir 1 tablespoon of cappuccino mix into 1 cup boiling water. For a richer cup of cappuccino, place 1 tablespoon of mix into 1 cup of hot milk.



Small glass jar (baby food size)
1 serving of hot cocoa mix
About 1/4 cup of small marshmallows
4-inch or larger fabric scrap (depending on the size of your jar)
18" length of ribbon
Hershey Kiss candy
Small wrapped candy cane

Clean the jar and dry it well. Measure a one-cup serving of the hot cocoa mix into the jar. Fill the jar to the top with small marshmallows. . Cut the fabric scrap into a circle. Center the fabric circle on top of the jar lid. Tie the ribbon around the edge. Glue the Hershey Kiss on top of the fabric cover. Glue the candy cane to the side of the jar. Write a personal note and draw a candy cane or other symbol on the card.

Include simple directions like the following:
"Here's a little gift to warm you up on a cold afternoon. Simply pour this jar of cocoa mix into a mug filled with 6 to 8 oz. of hot water. Top with marshmallows and drop in the Hershey Kiss. Stir with the candy cane and enjoy!"



Place in a clear plastic bag...
1 individual pack hot chocolate mix
3 Hershey's chocolate kisses
10-15 mini-marshmallows
1 small candy cane

Add one of the following poems...


When the weather outside is frightful,
Snowman Soup can be delightful.
May it warm your spirit and your soul.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

When you feel a chill or 'burrrrrr',
Use the peppermint stick to stir.
Add hot water and sip it slow.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.


When it's so cold that you holler and whoop,
It's time to bring out the Snowman Soup!

Pour the packet in a mug. Add marshmallows too.
And throw in these kisses
that are special just for you.

Now add some hot water and use the cane to stir it.
Sip slowly and soon you'll feel the warm winter spirit!


A little cup of cocoa, I'm sending your way,
For you to sip and enjoy,
On some cold lonely day.

As you sip this cocoa, It's warmth will warm your heart...
Just like our friendship warmed mine, Right from the very start.


GOURMET APPLES (Adapted from Mrs. Z. Rochester, Mi.)
Apples MUST be dry and room temp.

•Put caramels in a crock pot (You can also microwave the caramel dip sold in stores)
Place Popsicle sticks in  stems of large apples.

Adult- When caramel is melted, put the apple on a stick in crock pot; make sure it’s totally covered.

•Let it drip; place on wax paper on a paper plate.

•Next have semi-sweet choc melted and put in baggie; snip off the corner of baggie and drizzle over caramel. You can also do white chocolate...

•Decorate  with choice of colored sprinkles, nuts, m&m's, seasonal edible decorations, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, Reese pieces etc. Mrs. Z gives children the choice of two decorations. (At home she does more)

•Lift off the paper plate and place on a doily.

These make a wonderful gift! For two other Apples on a Stick ideas, visit the Apple Foods category...



Bag of Large Marshmallows, Corn Syrup, Sugar Crystals, Cake Sparkle Sprinkles

• Gently brush each marshmallow with corn syrup.
Roll in sugar crystals and cake sparkles.
Set aside on parchment paper to dry.
Cover lightly with saran wrap to keep air off so marshmallows don't dry out.
Once set, place into snack-sized zip loc bags for gifts or later!


COLORED SUGARS IN PRETTY CONTAINERS to give as gifts! To make: Combine 1/4 t. food coloring, 1/4 t. water, 1/2 t. vanilla extract and 1/4 c. granulated white sugar. Mix together and spread out in a thin layer to dry. Rub out the lumps between your fingers to make the powder uniform. Use more food coloring for darker colors, and less food coloring for lighter hues.

You can use clean baby food jars and cover the tops with fabric/felt and ribbon! These are to be used on cookies and desserts...

Recipe #2  Without the vanilla and water-Materials: Ziploc bags, Granulated sugar, Food coloring, Paper plates

Put some sugar into a bag and add a drop of food coloring. Close the bag and, with your hand on the outside of the bag, mix the color in. You may need to add slightly more food coloring or sugar until you get the right color and texture (you don’t want the sugar to be at all damp). Tip the sugar on to a paper plate to dry.
To use the sugar, tip it back into a clean bag, seal and break up any lumps which have formed. To give as a gift-layer in jars as directed above. They really do look like sand art!



Gumdrop (Spice Drop) Candy
Styrofoam tree - Any size desired; sample is 6"
Tin foil
Pointed Toothpicks

1. Cover the tree base with tin foil
2. Break toothpicks in half
3. Put a gumdrop on the broken side of the tooth pick...
3. Starting at the bottom of the tree, poke the pointed side of the tooth pick (with the gumdrop on it) into the tree.
4. Continue going around the tree until it's covered with the candy.

Use caution with young children ... it can be difficult removing the toothpicks. These should only be for decoration. 

I remember making these in the late 1960's! Seeing a photo of one on a website --brought back some nice memories--so guess what?! I made one and "Hubby" made the other...(Barb)

Click Here for directions for "Candy Cane Seeds" and "Snowman and Reindeer Poop" Gifts! 

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Scented Crafts

July 22, 2009 21:37 by Barbara Shelby

Plastic Lid (3"-4" diameter)
6" Yarn or String
White Glue
Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
Lightly coat the inside of the plastic lid with petroleum jelly. Squeeze a thin layer of glue inside the lid. Make sure the entire bottom is covered. Add a layer of potpourri on top of the glue arranging it to fit the shape of the lid. Leave a small area open about 1/2" from the edge - to push your string through. Cover the potpourri with another layer of glue. If you are using big, chunky potpourri set it aside to dry. If you are using potpourri with smaller pieces you may prefer more than one layer with glue between each layer.
After it dries, remove from lid. And add a loop of yarn or string for hanging.


You need:
Poster Board
Hole Punch
6" Yarn
Tacky Glue

  • From card-board or card-stock...pre-make "shape patterns" that the children can trace and cut from poster board. (Make shapes of the season)
  • Punch a hole in the top of the cut out shape and add a yarn loop.
  • Put tacky glue on one side and sprinkle potpourri on it.
  • After it dries, repeat for the 2nd side.



Fabric scraps 
Fabric glue

  • For each sachet, place 2 matching 5-inch fabric squares back-to-back and glue the edges together on 3 sides. Spread the glue close to the edges to prevent fraying.
  • Once the glue is dry, fill the sachet with about 1/2 cup of potpourri.
  • Glue together the open edges and again let the glue dry.
  • Arrange the finished sachets in multicolored stacks and tie them together with a festive ribbon or yarn.



  • Make small fabrics bags and fill them with potpourri or cotton balls filled with essential oil (Be sure that the oil is at the center of the cotton or it may stain the fabric).
  • Fasten the sachets with ribbon or cord and hang them on door handles.
  • You can also take netting or cheesecloth and grab corners and tie. 
  • As the door is opened and closed it will waft the fragrance around the room.


8″ x 8″ Fabric (Something soft and colorful!)
1 cup uncooked rice
Crushed cloves
Crushed cinnamon sticks (not ground cinnamon)

1. Fold the fabric in half so it’s in the shape of a rectangle. Make sure the inside of the fold is the side of the fabric you want showing when the eye pillow is finished.
2. Sew two sides of the fabric together with the needle and thread, leaving one side open to add the scented rice mixture. It’s best to leave a short side open.
3. Turn the fabric inside out so you can see the “pretty” side of the fabric and not the sewing stitches.
4. Add crushed cloves and crushed cinnamon sticks (not ground cinnamon) to the rice until the mixture has a scent you like.
5. Pour the mixture into the fabric pouch.
6. Sew closed the remaining open end of the eye pillow.

This eye pillow craft is simple and great for older SAC and middle school….



Clean Baby Food Jar (no top needed)
5" Paper Doily
Rubber Band
Ribbon Rose
Low Temp Glue Gun

  • Fill jar with potpourri.
  • Cover with a paper doily or tulle.
  • Secure with rubber band.
  • Tie a ribbon around the jar to hide the rubber band.
  • Optional: Hot glue ribbon rose to area.


AROMATIC JARS using essential oils and cotton balls

  • Take a small, clean glass jar and put a few cotton balls inside.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, cinnamon, orange or clove oil.
  • Punch holes in the top of the jar...
  • The jar can be placed under a bed, in a closet, near a cat litter box or any other place that needs a fragrant addition.
  • You can decorate the jars by painting the lids with craft paints ... add some glitter, etc.


2 used white dryer sheets
1 heaping tablespoon potpourri
1 length of ribbon
2 or 3 small pieces dried flowers
Tacky glue
Place one dryer sheet over top of the other dryer sheet-- so that the corners of the second sheets are centered at the sides of the first sheet. Place the potpourri in the center of the sheets. Gather up and tie with ribbon. Decorate with dried flowers.


Almond oil (Baby oil may be less expensive)
A few drops of lavender oil
Optional: lavender sprig or rose petals.
Mix the almond and the lavender oil.
Put a lavender sprig or a few rose petals into a pretty bottle. (When making this with a group, use baby food jars)
  ♥ Pour oil into bottle.


Small jars- such as baby food jars
Bowls for mixing
Bag of Epsom salts
Food coloring
Paper doily or fabric scrap
Rubber band

  • Using a funnel, fill the jars with Epsom salts so you know how much of the Epsom salts you will need.
  • Empty the Epsom salts, more or less equally, into six bowls.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl, stirring to make yellow, pink, blue, green, mauve and orange colored salts. (Food coloring will not stain bathtub or people in this amount)
  • Optional: Add a few drops of fragrance oil, or spray Epsom salts with your favorite perfume. Cassie/Michigan



  • Use a funnel to pour colored layers of Epsom salts in each jar, like sand art.
  • Pack each layer down with a spoon before adding the next layer, and make sure the jar is filled to the top before screwing the lid on tightly.
  • Decorate the lid of the jar with a circle of fabric or a paper doily held in place with a rubber band.
  • Cover the rubber band with ribbon.



(For Exfoliation)
1 cup sugar (I prefer white, but 2/3 white with 1/3 brown is pretty)
1/4 cup oil (may need more if scrub is too dry)
4-8 drops essential oil for scent (You can usually get this at a health food or organic store)
A jar
Directions: Mix ingredients well and store in a sealed container.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR TAG: (attach to jar)
To use: Use a few tablespoons to scrub your skin in small circles. Be careful! Oil may leave the shower floor slippery.


2 ½ Epsom Salts (See salt or combination if affordble)
Food Coloring
Combine the Epsom salts with food coloring and perfume in a large container. Mix it well so the color is even. Put it into smaller jars and let it stand for 4-6 weeks before using so the perfume will blend with the salts.



1 Cup Epsom salts
1/2 Cup table salt
1 box baking soda
Few drops of lavender oil (or any kind of aroma oil you like)
  ♥ Mix the salts and the baking soda.
  ♥ Add the lavender.
  ♥ Put in an airtight container such as a pretty jar with a lid.

 To make this with a group--put it in clean baby-food jars and cover the tops with fabric and ribbon. You can decorate the jar by adding a ribbon or a bow.




6 oranges (or lemons)
whole cloves
decorative ribbon

The Spice Mix
4 tablespoons ground cinnamon
4 tablespoons ground cloves
2 tablespoons ground nutmeg
2 tablespoons ground allspice
1/4 cup orrisroot powder (as preservative)
1. Combine the spice mix ingredients.
2. Wash oranges.
3. After poking a hole with a needle, fork, or tooth pick,insert cloves into oranges in a decorative pattern.
4. Roll cloved oranges in the spice mixture within 24 hours and set in a warm place to dry, turning fruit daily.
5. Drying takes from two weeks to possibly a month.
6. Pomanders are completely dry when they are hard.
7. Remove pomanders from the spice mix, dust off a little, and tie with decorative ribbons. (Wrap your orange in holiday ribbon leaving enough extra ribbon at the top for hanging. You can poke holes into the ribbon and through to the orange to help hold it in place.)

Set out in a bowl or you can use as Christmas ornaments. Also great hung in a closet! These can last for months to years!



1 Styrofoam Ball (size may very)
1 Cup dried herbs or potpourri, dried rose petals or dried small flowers for a 6" size ball
White Glue
Twine or Ribbon

1. Pour herbs mixture into a bowl. You may choose to ground leaves or petals in a coffee grinder or food processor or glue them on separately.
2. Cover an area of the ball with glue and roll ball through mixture, covering an area at a time.
3. Cloves may be glued on separately.
4. Cover ball with waxed paper and firmly press. Allow to dry completely before adding ribbon


One bar of Ivory soap;
1/4 cup water;
2 drops of food coloring;
a good kitchen grater and
Optional: Essential oils if wanted.


Bar of soap (regular or glycerin)
Aluminum Coffee can
Large pot
Canning wax or a white candle
Candle/Soap Paint

Have children paint designs on the soap with the soap paint (acrylic will also work).
Meanwhile an adult places the coffee can in a pot half-filled with water. Drop in wax and melt it over low heat.
Use a disposable paintbrush to cover the design on top of the soap. Let the wax dry. The protective coating will allow the soap to be used without washing away the picture.


Kids love writing on the tub when bathing and they can with...
For soap flakes recipes, you can make your own with finely grated bars of pure soap to make soap powder. The amount of water may need to be decreased, so start with less water and add as needed. If you don't want to make your own pure soap flakes, YOU CAN BUY a package in the laundry aisle at the grocery store.

***Do not use laundry detergent! ***


3 cups soap flakes
1/2 to 1 cup water, approximately
1 teaspoon vegetable food coloring

With this recipe you can make the following...

Combine soap flakes and water. Add food coloring and put mixture into lightly greased ice cube trays, candy or soap molds. Press soap dough into molds lightly and let dry over night before un-molding.
Grease your hands with vegetable oil first! Mix the soap and water to make the consistency of play dough. Put a few drops of vegetable oil on your hands; rub the palms of your hands so the soap won't stick to your hands while shaping it.
You'll need some string. Shape the soap with your hands. Cut a piece of string and tie the ends together. Push the knot gently into your finished shape. Let the completed soap dry before hanging it by the rope.

Make two-tone soaps by using identical shapes of different colors and sandwiching them together.
Adapted from:


Pat or roll out the mixture and have the children use cookie cutters or theme cutters to make individual soaps. Small cookie cutters make nice shapes in guest-soap size that can be placed in a small wicker basket for a gift, bathroom display, or drawer sachets.

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