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Valentine Arts and Crafts

January 9, 2011 22:12 by Barbara Shelby




  ♥ Cut out heart shaped paper to have each child finish the sentence "Love is_________."
  ♥ Kids illustrate this at the top of the paper.
  ♥ Bind all of the pages into a book. Parents love reading these!



♥ Use a heart candy box bottom; cut paper to fit inside the box. OR....cut paper into the shape of a heart. Put the 'heart shaped paper' into a box
 not much bigger than the paper.

♥ Dip marbles into pink and red paint. Drop the marbles into the box and have children twist and turn the box. ---You can also do this using the traditional method of box painting. Put a small plop of paint in each corner of the box. Place something 'round (such as a marble/golf ball) and roll it around until the desired effect is achieved.

Optional: Sprinkle glitter over wet paint...pretty when complete... 



You'll need one bar of Ivory soap; 1/4 cup water; 2 drops of food coloring; and a good kitchen grater and essential oils if wanted.

  ♥ Have youth finely grate the soap into a big bowl.
  ♥ Add water. 
  ♥ Shape the soap into balls and dry overnight.
  ♥ Wrap in netting and tie up with a pretty ribbon
If you want your soaps scented, you can add a few drops of essential oil or soap scent. Most craft stores carry this. I read that you can also pack soap mixture into cookie cutters-and then dry overnight---but I've never done this.


VALENTINE 'PLAY DOUGH' PIN (These are also nice made with purchased wooden hearts!)


Store bought Play Dough
Heart shape cookie cutter
Pin backs
Hot Glue or Strong Glue
Sand Paper

This project is actually quite simple. Believe or not, the heart shape is 'plain-old store bought playdough' that has had colors mixed. (This naturally happens  as children play with it and then put it away--just make sure it's white, pink, purple,and red play dough!)
1. Roll out dough
2. Cut shapes with cookie cutter. Finished pin from 'top to bottom point' is 1 1/4 inches long. Larger cookie-cutters would make  a pin too 'heavy'.
Place shapes on wire rack to dry and harden.
3. When dry, sand any rough edges.
4. The heart may be sealed with clear nail polish or a protective coating of a clear surface finish. Repeat as necessary to achieve the level of desired gloss.
5. Glue on pin backing. (Image by

Note: A few pinches of glitter was added into the play dough for one of the pins. This part is optional.



♥ Kids will get a kick out of these silly valentines. Cut out medium sized red hearts. Write "I'm Stuck on You" on each heart.
♥ Set out band aids and have children stick a band aid on each valentine!





 Tempera paint
 Containers for water
 Tempera paint
Containers for water

1. Fold paper in half.
2. Paint half a heart on one side of the paper.
3. Close the paper and blot. (That's the 'blotto art')
4. Repeat the process if necessary (outlining the heart) until the paper is full of color.

EXTENSION IDEA: Turn the 'blotto ar't into cards! Put out a variey of supplies and challenge the children's creativity. As shown in this sample, 'R' made a 'stamp' out of a valentine eraser (see the above 'tooth pick in the heart eraser shape) and made heart designs on the cover after dipping the stamp into tempera paint.

On the inside of the card--a google-eye is glued to the upper left corner (with added eye lashes). It is followed by the 'blotto heart" and then a 'U'. (I love you!) 'R' completed the card by spraying a fine mist of  hair spray (Aqua-net)  onto the card and sprinkleded glitter. This kept the glitter on the card.

A 'glue glitter' design was added across the blotto heart. (Image by


Cut heart shapes out of card-stock or construction paper. Paint with shades of red and pink.
Sprinkle salt on the hearts while paint is still wet.
Hearts will sparkle when dry.




Make some VALENTINE YARN DOLLS! Visit the Yarn Doll page for instructions...





1. Start with a large sheet of paper or construction paper.
2. Take old magazines and the advertisements from papers. Look for anything Valentine's Day related, such as hearts, flowers, and candies.
3. Have child create a Valentine Collage with these magazine cutouts. Use markers, crayons and stickers to further decorate it.
4. Hang the finished collages for a Valentine's Day display.




Materials: Heart-shaped paper doilies or sandpaper, Scissors, White paper, Crayon

1. Cut out a heart shape from the sandpaper or use the heart-shaped doily.
2. Tape the heart to the table, with the tape on the back side of the heart.
3. Place a piece of white paper over the heart and rub a crayon (with the wrapper removed) sideways over the shape.

NOTE: KidActivities used a large doily heart. It's difficult to see in the image, but all the delicate elements showed very nicely on the rubbing. (Image by



♥ Invite children to brainstorm special things they can do for the recipient of their gift----such as-give a hug, tell a funny joke, sing a song, take out the garbage, vacuum a room, put away the dishes, etc.

♥ Write their responses on 3"X6" strips of paper. Help the children wrap the strips tightly around a pencil to create scrolls.

♥ Decorate a plain paper bag with festive Valentine craft items, drawings, stickers and glitter glue.
♥ After the bag is dry-- put the scrolls inside the bag. Fold down the top of the bag-punch two holes and thread ribbon through the holes. Tie and create a bow.
From Nov. /Dec. Scholastic Instructor-page 39



You Need: Non-menthol shaving cream, Red food coloring, Paintbrush,
White paper, Smock or old shirts.

1. Add a drop of red food coloring to a baseball-sized pile of shaving cream.
2. Mix this with a paint brush. Wear cover over clothing as the food coloring will stain clothes and hands.
3. Paint with the shaving cream on white paper.




TP tube or paper towel tube cut to desired height (Paint the tubes before decorating)
Paper heart doilies or construction paper hearts
Google eyes (for butterfly #2 )- black marker for simple version)
Pipe Cleaner
Decorations as desired

Kid Activities believes that children's projects are best when they are open-ended. For this activity a variety of supplies were put out. (Crafters had a visual sample-but were told to create their own version.) Two samples are shown here...

1. Both 'Valentine Butterflies' are similar but 'R' added a head and double wings. The wings have been cut out from the center of Valentine Doilies-however-construction paper hearts can also be used. The wings are glued over each other onto the back of the paper tube.
2. The pom-pom head sits on top of the tube and a full length 'pipe cleaner antenna' fold into the tube. (It's size and thickness holds it in place) The mouth and nose are made from  'bits' cut out of foam.
Small 'stick on' foam hearts decorate the wings.

The more simple version for a 'younger child' uses one set of wings. In place of a pom-pom head--eyes and mouth are drawn on with a black permanent marker. (Images by



Need: Two 8" squares of red or pink felt
8" cardboard heart templates to use as pattern
Safety pin
Fabric paint
Polyester fiberfill...

1. Use the cardboard heart template to trace two hearts onto the felt. Cut out hearts and place one on top of the other.
2. Put a safety pin through the middle of the hearts to hold them in place while gluing.
3. Glue the two pieces of felt together along the edge leaving a 3" opening.
4. Use fabric paint to add a child's name to the top of each pillow; let dry.
5. Stuff the heart with fiberfill and glue pillow shut.



Materials: Construction paper, Scissors, Paper plates, Glue, Yarn or ribbon.
1. Cut out  different sized hearts from red, purple and pink paper; you'll need many for each wreath.
2. Cut the middle out of a paper plate and glue the hearts all around the plate.
3. Make a bow with some yarn or ribbon--or tie some string to the back and hang. Photo by Miss Susan-Kansas City Public Library



Need: Clip-on clothes pins, red paint, pink construction paper, black paper.
1. Have children color their clothes pin red.
2. Pre-cut small pink construction paper hearts and have kids draw faces on them
3. Glue black paper antennae on the heart faces
4. Next glue the heart faces on the top "clip-end" part of the clothespin.

Give children two larger pink paper heart shapes to decorate with crayons, markers, glitter, etc.
Have them then glue two of the hearts together to make "wings" from their clothespin body.
The heart points will be touching each other on the inside and the fullness of hearts will be on the "wing ends".



Make stained glass hearts by placing red, pink and white crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper.
Cover the top with newspaper and press a warm (lowest setting) iron to melt the crayon chips. Allow to cool completely.

Using cardboard, tag board, or empty cereal boxes, make heart shape templates for the children to trace.  Tape these over the waxed paper and trace the templates. Cut out the shape--hole-punch--attach string, ribbon or fish line! This wonderful example is from Skip to my Lou!  Be sure to make a bunch!



Materials needed: Cupcake papers, pipe cleaners, green construction paper

Take a cupcake paper and pinch the bottom of it.
Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pinched area.
Cut some leaves out of green paper and add them to the pipe cleaner.
Put some play dough in a baby food jar and have the children place
the flowers in the jar (like in a vase) 
When the play dough dries flowers should stand nicely.
You can also decorate some tissue paper to cover the outside of the jar.




Materials :
22 pieces of an old jigsaw puzzle
Red acrylic paint
Tacky glue
Modge Podge glue & sealer, glossy finish 
Sequins, red and gold
Small pearl beads
Ribbon for bow
Fishing line 
1.  Paint the jigsaw puzzle pieces red and let them dry.  Painting both sides is optional.  If you want to hang the heart in a window, it would be best to paint both sides.

2.  Lay them out in a heart shape.  When laying out the shape, place one piece under the next overlapping the top piece each time.

3.  With tacky glue, glue the pieces to one another and let dry.

4.  After the heart has dried, put a coat of Modge Podge all over it and let dry.  This will make the heart very shiny.

5.  Glue sequins and pearls all around to decorate.  Let them dry thoroughly.

6.  Tie on a bow with ribbon as shown in the sample. Source: Ms. Brenda-Kansas City Library



1. Take a small terra cotta pot; have children sponge paint with red and white paint.
2. When dry add Hershey kisses.
3. Make and glue a large red construction paper heart to a Tongue depressor size Popsicle stick.
4. Put a message on it and then insert it in the center of kisses.
5. If it's a gift--wrap it with red or pink cellophane and add a pretty bow just below the heart.




Make some heart shaped templates. These can be used to trace in whole and parts to make some wonderful art such as this! Sample from a student of Shannon Stewart--former art teacher at Stetson Hills School in Phoenix



  Have any post Christmas candy canes? Hot glue two candy canes together at the tips. They make a perfectly shaped heart!


Put out construction paper, paper doilies, the candy canes, markers, ribbons, etc. Next, challenge the children  to use their imagination in creating cards!  If you have small photos of the children, you could glue these in the center of the hearts. This card has been made by Ms. Jane at the Kansas City Public Library. 



Need: Salt, Sidewalk Chalk, Clear glue, Colored paper, Markers

Put salt in small separate containers (one for each color)
♥ Rub the individual, different colors of chalk into each salt container to get the desired shades.
♥ Have children write their messages on the cards before they decorate them.
♥ Next, have children make designs on the paper by first making designs with glue on the cards; they then put the colored chalk or sand over the glue designs.
♥ Dry for half a day.


1. Cook spaghetti noodles, drain and cool.
2. Fill a gallon Ziplock bag one quarter of the way with water.
3. Add red food coloring to the water.
4. Add cooked spaghetti and mix around in the Ziplock bag until noodles change color. Drain.
5. Children can take one noodle at a time, dip it in glue and place it on a piece of paper in the shape of a heart.Submitted by Cassie/Michigan


Wrapped heart shaped lollipops/suckers
Green chenille stems/pipe cleaners

1. Starting at the top of the sucker stick, tightly wrap a chenille stem in a coil around it. 
2. Cut off remaining pieces of chenille- about 3 inches.
3. Twist the small piece of the chenille around the stem where you want the flower leaves to be.
4. Shape the leaves and twist to secure.
5. If you want to add a name tape or note, cut a piece of paper and make a hole with a hole punch.
6. Secure the note onto the smaller piece of chenille before twisting into the leaf shape



Draw a very large heart out of cardboard or card stock paper. Laminate it and cut into pieces to put back together as a puzzle. Save pieces in  plastic baggie marked with the title of the heart.

KidActivities likes to add small magnetic 'strips' to the back of each puzzle piece. This makes is easier for the children to put and keep it together. Small magnetic wipe off boards and refrigerators work well for this... 

YOU'VE GOT MAIL! (Submitted by Tasha/California)

Create a 'group' mailbox...
Starting around mid-January, have children begin to write letters to each other in the classroom or program. (The staff also has a mailbox.)
Students then Mail their letters. On Valentine's Day, students mail each other their Valentine's as well.

TIP: To make your mailboxes- you can use shoeboxes, coffee cans, tissue boxes, paper bags, cereal boxes --  anything!  The kids can then decorate them up with paint, glitter, pompoms, doilies, lace, felt, wrapping paper and anything else that is available! (Credit: Getty Images/Stock Photo)  


Have a "MAKE A VALENTINE HEART" by tearing paper contest! Craft and Game in one!

♥ Have each participant hold a piece of valentine colored construction paper in your hands--behind their back.
♥ They tear the paper into a heart shape without looking at what they are doing.
♥ Who's created the most "heart-looking" heart shape!?


Check out the VALENTINE JOKES PAGE...Fun as jokes--but also wonderful for making cards! Put the 'Question' on the card cover...and the 'Answer' on the inside. Illustrate and decorate as each joke indicates!


DOILY CROWNS (For younger children)
♥ Give each child a heart doily.
♥ Have children decorate them with markers or heart stickers.
♥ Next glue the doily in the center of a 2"x 20" strip of red paper.

♥ Wrap each child's strip around his/her head and tape it in place to make a crown.


Materials: Plastic wrap, Individually wrapped candies, Ribbon

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. Begin by laying out three feet of plastic wrap, cutting it in half lengthwise. Place candies or groups of candies every three inches.

2. Roll the plastic over and tie bows BETWEEN each candy -using six-inch strips of ribbon.

3. Tie the two ends of the plastic wrap together and cover the knot with another ribbon.
Wear now and eat later!





We've all done stamp art using cut fruits and vegetables...where we dip the veggies in paint and print. That's it! Look at the wonderful creations that can be make with cut cabbage! This sample is made using stamp pads...Wonderful for Valentine's Day!

NOTE: KidActivities hasn't tried it--but has been told that celery used the same way--works as well.



1/4 cup liquid laundry starch
2 drops food coloring
or 1 tsp. tempera paint
   ♥ Mix ingredients until blended




Baby food jars or jam jars
Scraps of tissue paper
Diluted paste or glue
Votive candles 

♥ Clean the jars well and let dry. You can use small jars...but check the size of the votive candle to make sure it will fit.

♥ Have the children  brush glue onto the jar and place different colors of tissue paper over the glue, overlapping so the entire jar is covered on the outside.

♥ When brushing the tissue with glue be sure to do so gently so it doesn't tear. If it tears, remove or leave wrinkled.

♥ The glue will appear to be white but will dry clear and when a candle is lit inside will give off a pretty color and design.
Great for gift time!  ♥ Valentine's Day: Use pink & red ...




Simply take a large paper clip and tie a group of three or four ribbon lengths to the top of the clip. (The amount depends on the width of the ribbon.)  The clips are great to mark book pages as well as clip envelopes and folders. Image by  (For other bookmark making ideas visit the Book Mark Craft page)





1. RIBBON AND HEARTS (On bottom of image) 

♥ Make a heart garland for Valentine's Day.
♥ Cut heart shapes out of red , pink, and purple construction paper or craft foam.
♥ Use a hole-punch to make a hole in each side of the heart.
♥ Use  ribbon or yarn to tie all the heart together into a garland. Hang from ceiling or down a wall.


2. PAPER CHAINS... (Top of image)

Paper chains looped from the ceiling are always festive! Depending on the age of the children, after the paper strips are cut...they can be attached using glue sticks, scotch tape or staples. (Staples are the fastest) Of course--use pink, read, and purple construction paper.



All you need are pipe cleaners in Valentine colors of your choice!

Make circles from an entire pipe cleaner. Take a half of pipe cleaner and connect the circles together! As you connect the large circles, bend them into a heart shape--that's it... 


4. HEART SHAPED PAPER CHAIN (Middle chain in image)

♥ Cut strips just as you would for a paper chain. Fold each strip in half. (See folded strips to left of heart chain garland)

Take the two 'top strips' that are not folded--and touching them together---fold them down into a heart-top. Staple this to complet the shape.

Connect  hearts by taking  two 'open strip tops' and fold them down over the previously made heart . Staple this at the bottom of the strips to make another heart shape. Continue until you achieve a chain of paper hearts... (Image by



Constructions paper (Valentine colors of your choice
Markers (Black and optional red)
Large foam heart shape and google eyes.

Start by showing children how to make a 'perfect heart' using a sheet of construction paper.
1. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half. Draw half a heart on the one side. Leaving the paper folded...follow and cut the half-heart line. Open the sheet of paper and you have a perfect heart. This is the face/body.

2. With the remaining sheets of construction paper--cut out two long strips for the legs and two slightly shorter strips for the arms. Fold the long strips back and forth accordian style. Glue or tape these to the body.

3. Using a smaller heart template, have children cut out four matching hearts--two are the hands and two are the feet. Allow kids to place these any way they would like. (Points of heart shapes facing up or down on the arms/legs)

4. Mouth: KidActivities used a large foam heart-shape for the mouth. A curvy line was added in the center to separate the lips and a marker traced the shape for detail. If you don't have larger sized foam hearts--draw and color in big red lips or smile! Still very cute!

5. Eyes:  Eyes were first drawn using a black marker. A google eye was placed in the center of each eye. Add a couple little dots for the nose and complete as desired! (Image by



1. Make 2 huge hearts; have each child write/print their name on one of the hearts. Continue to decorate as desired.
2. Leaving an opening, staple the edges of the two heart together.
3. Stuff the heart with recycled paper.
4. When complete, staple the opening shut.
5. Optional: Attach streamers of pink, white and red to the bottom.

Hang the heart with a sign above that says: Our Class has Heart!



'WALL OF LOVE' DISPLAY BOARD...Use it many ways!


For Valentine's Day, the staff at Colchester Institute Library (UK) put together this "Wall of Lurve" (You can call it Wall of 'Love'  'Friendship', or  '______'.)

For Valentine's day the  library staff provided a display for students and staff to write messages. Around 150 pink hearts were displayed on the Wall at the entrance to the library.

This is something that could easily be adapted to a class or after-school program! Kids could write friendship messages about teachers, friends, places, things, food, etc. Kids love writing on walls--so it could be a hit!

This is also a great idea for February's 100th day of school or National Friendship Month! The hearts could also be filled with Acts of Kindness for February's Kindness Week!



1. Give each child two pre-cut place mat size ovals cut out of clear self-stick paper.
2. Remove the backing from one of the oval sheets
3. Have each child place hearts cut from red, pink, white, etc. tissue paper or construction paper
Last. sprinkle on glitter. Complete by removing the backing from the second oval and carefully placing the sticky-side down on the decorated oval.



The front of old greeting cards, yarn, tape, hole punch.

1. Punch holes around the edges of cards about half inch to one inch apart.
2. Cut yarn for approximated lengths for lacing.
3. Tape one end of a piece of yarn to the back of each card.
4. Children then lace yarn through then holes in the cards.
5. When they finish, trim the remaining yarn ends and tape them to the back of the card. (lacing will be easier if you dip one end of yarn into wax or glue---or wrap it with tape to make a "needle".
6. This can be done with any Holiday such as Easter for Easter cards, Christmas, etc.



HERSHEY'S KISSES Flower Bouquet 

Materials: 6" lengths of 12 gauge floral wire,  Silk flower leaves, Green floral tape,  Clear cellophane,  Glue, Scissors,  Ribbon,  Hershey Kisses Milk Chocolates

1. For each candy rose, spread glue on the bottom of one foil-wrapped chocolate.
2. Firmly press the bottom of another chocolate to it.
3. Insert florist wire into one pointed end of the double chocolates, twisting cellophane, continuing down the full length of wire with tape.
4. Add 1 or 2 artificial leaves, if desired, securing leaves in place with florist tape.
You can also make them by taking two Hershey kisses...  first insert a pipe cleaner or wire into one. Next attach kisses together at flat end with tape or glue; wrap them with red saran wrap. Take 2 wire leaves and attach them to the pipe cleaner with florist tape.......'Kiss Rose kits' are also sold at Oriental Trading (See photo on left)



 This wonderful  display was created by Katja Van Elbe at a week long "Conscious Discipline Institute" work shop. (Sorry the work shop ink was disabled)

To replicate this idea, after making the tree shape of trunk and branches--add a heart for every kindness act noted. This idea is nice any time of the year, but works especially well in the month of February.




Coffee filters, Paintbrush, Red tempera paints, and water.

Water down red tempera paint in a container.
Cut a heart shape out of the coffee filter.
Then take the paintbrush and paint the coffee filter with the watered down paint.
Painting only parts of it will give a tie dyed affect. When it is dry hang them in a window.



Heavy construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Decorated Pencils
Hole punch
Black Marker or Pen

From red, pink or purple paper, cut out several hearts approximately
4 inches across. On each, draw a nose and eyes.
Punch four holes above the mouse's nose.
Thread a short length of pipe cleaner through the top two holes
and another through the bottom two. Lastly, slip a pencil down
behind the whiskers, from the backside of the heart.
Source: DLK Website



ARM, HAND & FINGER PAINTING!!!  MESSY BUT FUN! This is a given...Keep lots of water and paper towel nearby!

Paint each child's arm brown and hand and fingers green. Have them put it on construction paper to make a tree. Placing the green hand a few times on the paper--makes a nice tree. After, dip fingers in red paint to make hearts on the tree. A finger print going to the left and again to the right--makes a nice heart! Optional: Foam hearts can also be added to the tree...

Messy but the kids will love it!!!



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You will also find some wonderful craft/gift  ideas that work for Valentine's Day in...

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•How about a Teddy Bear and other Bears Theme?! Teddy Bears are wonderful around Valentine's Day!


Valentine Party Food and Snacks!

January 9, 2011 20:52 by Barbara Shelby


Updated January~2013

STRAWBERRY MICE (Too cute not to put here!!!)

Ingredients: Fresh strawberries, Mini chocolate chips, Black decorators' icing, Almond slivers, Toothpick, Red lace licorice
Cheese (Your choice)

1. For each mouse, slice a small section from the side of a strawberry so it sits flat.
2. Press a mini chocolate chip into the tip for a nose, using a small dab of icing to secure it in place, if needed.
3. Add icing eyes and stick 2 almond slivers into the top of the berry for ears.
4. For a tail, use a toothpick to carve a small hole in the back of the berry and push the end of a piece of licorice lace into the hole.

These cute 'berry mice' are wonderful served alone  as a treat... or with an assortment of cheese, crackers and other fruit! ...(These were made for my 6 and 9 year old grandchildren and they loved them!) Image by 



1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
2. Place vanilla wafer cookies 1-inch apart on an ungreased cookie sheet.
3. Set a Hershey's Chocolate Kiss (and/or Hugs) on the center of each cookie.
4. Bake at 200 degrees for 5 minutes. (Or until Chocolate Kiss is very soft) If you are also using 'Hugs candy--keep in oven a minute or two less. The Hugs melt much more quickly than the Chocolate Kiss.

Remove from oven and gently press an M&M candy or a candy heart into the center of the softened Hershey's Kiss or Hug.
Put cookies in refrigerator and allow them  to cool completely to let the chocolate harden again. (Image by

NOTE: In KidActivities experience, the hug was taken out a bit early-- however it continued to melt on the cookie as demonstrated in the still tasted good!

These are much like the 'Hugs and Kisses' on pretzels that is featured lower on this page. Personally...I prefer the pretzel version; however, these are very quick and simple for children to make with assistance. Children also like the taste of vanilla wafer cookies.



Cream cheese, softened
Red food coloring
Heart cookie cutter
Jam - strawberry or raspberry

1. Add a few drops of red food coloring to the softened cream cheese and mix until the color is a light pink throughout.
2. Cut bread into heart shapes with the cookie cutter.
3. Spread cream cheese on the bread and top with the jam. (See image of pink toast at page bottom-the heart-shape with strawberry jam on it ...looks similar.)


VALENTINE LOVE CHOW~ Reeeeeely good! (Recipe can be doubled--these directions show the amount in the image)

5 cups Chex® cereal
1/2 cup white vanilla baking chips plus 2 Tablespoons chips
1/3 cup peanut butter
2 1/2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1/3 cup powdered sugar plus 2 Tablespoons
1/2 cup red, white and pink candy-coated chocolate candies (M&Ms) Additional candy can be tossed in as desired.

Optional: 2 Tablespoons red or pink jimmies sprinkles...KidActivities did not use 'jimmies' but added some candy corn in the colors of red/white/pink

1. Place cereal in large bowl.
2. In small microwavable bowl, melt vanilla chips, peanut butter and butter uncovered on High 1 minute (or until melted and smooth) It's important to keep watching as not to overcook mixture.
3. Pour peanut butter/white chocolate/butter mixture over cereal, folding over gently until evenly coated. 
4. Add M&M candy--and optional red/white/pink candy corn.
5. If bowl is large enough, add powdered sugar and gently fold it into the cereal mixture.  If bowl is not large enough, place cereal in a paper bag with the powdered sugar and gently shake until cereal is covered.
6. Add optional sprinkles at this time. Place mixture on waxed paper or foil; cool and set about 15 minutes. Store in airtight container.

NOTE: When first made-- the mixture tasted very sweet. It was actually better the second and following days. (The cereal 'absorbs' the mixture as it sits.) Both children and adults said 'yumm' to this goodie! We’ll be making it again next year!

Additionally, the cereal seemed a bit dry when KA first added the white chocolate, peanut butter, and butter mixture to the cereal.... KA then mixed and micro-waved more ingredients to add to the cereal. (Hence the added Tablespoons to list) This made the "Love Version' more like the well known 'Chocolate Puppy Chow' we all love. (Image by



1/2 cup Butter
10 cups Crispy rice cereal
9 cups Miniature marshmallows
2 cups Candy Heart if desired (the tiny red spice type)
Candy Hearts (the ones with messages)
3/4 c Miniature chocolate chips
Red food coloring

1. Melt butter and marshmallows; stir until smooth.
2. In a large bowl, mix rice cereal, candy hearts(spiced tiny red ones) and miniature chips together.
3. To marshmallow mixture, blend in 2 drops red food coloring, adding more coloring if necessary to reach desired shade.
♥ Add marshmallow mixture to cereal mixture; stir quickly to combine. Spread on a large buttered pan; press with buttered hands.
♥ While warm, press on candy heart (with messages) spaced 1 to 1/2-2 inches apart.
♥ Refrigerate and cut into squares.




Make Rice Krispie Squares according to recipe. Once the Rice Krispies are made, cut them into hearts using a Valentine cookie cutter.  Place a popsicle or candy stick into each cut-out rice krispie. Place the Rice Krispies in refrigerator or freezer for five to ten minutes. The coolness of the rice krispies will help the chocolate (directions are below) to adhere quickly and easily to the treats.

Melt chocolate. (You can melt 2 large candy bars or your favorite chocolate.) When treats are sufficiently cool, dip each rice krispie heart.  Sprinkle (with sprinkles) each treat immediately after dipping in chocolate being careful to keep them upright while drying. No Fuss suggests placing the dipped choclate treats in a tall glass to dry instead of placing them on wax paper. Eat and enjoy or if giving for a gift--finish the Valentine treats by covering them with cellophane and a bow. Courtesy of No Fuss Fabulous


FRIENDSHIP FRUIT SALAD... Nice idea  for school or child care programs... 

♥ Ask each child to bring in a piece of fresh fruit or a can of fruit. Have them chop the fruit with a plastic knife.
♥  Mix all together in a big bowl and serve. 
♥ Optional: top with miniature marshmallows or even add some dry vanilla pudding and shredded coconut to the fruit to make it special.

♥ The extra cans of fruit left over can be donated to the local food pantry.



Ingredients: a Graham cracker, pink frosting, (put red food coloring into white frosting) Alpha Bits cereal, small candy hearts

♥ Frost Graham cracker with pink frosting.
♥ "Write" your message (I Love You or your name, etc.) using the Alpha Bits and placing them on the middle of the frosted cracker.
♥ Decorate the boarder with candy hearts.



Microwave high-quality chocolate in a bowl
Dip any of the following items to make chocolate candies:
Cookies, marshamallows (see dipped marshmallow image below), dried fruit, granola bars, pretzels, peanuts, caramels or cherries.

♥ To avoid messy hands, you may want to try dipping some of them with skewers or toothpicks.
♥ Place the chocolate candies on a cookie sheet that has been covered with wax paper and refrigerate or freeze until they harden.

You may also be interested in the EASY MAKING CANDY category... There are more tips on 'dipping' on the 'Candy Page'.


20 /sucker/lollipop sticks (found at cake decorating or craft stores)
20 large marshmallows
1 cup (6 oz.) Nestle Toll House Premier White Chips/Morsels
1 cup (6 oz.) Nestle Toll House Milk Chocolate Chips/Morsels


1. Line baking sheet with wax paper.
2. Push each sucker stick halfway through a large marshmallow; set aside.
3. Melt white morsels according to package directions. Immediately dip 10 marshmallow lollipops lightly in the melted morsels for a thin coating.
4. Set the stick side up on prepared baking sheet.
5. Melt milk chocolate morsels according to package directions. Repeat dipping process as above with remaining marshmallows.
6. Refrigerate marshmallow suckers for 10 minutes or until hardened. (TIP: KidActivities also added about a half teaspoon of shortening --such as Crisco--into each chocolate before micro-waved-- to make it more smooth when stirred.) Image by
Makes 20.

Optional: Colored sprinkles/jimmies can either be sprinkled on top of the white chocolate layer-- or the bottom chocolate layer.

NOTE: Next time I'd use a Styrofoam block or glass in which to insert the sucker sticks.  Laying the 'double dipped' marshmallows on the wax paper (sticks up) creates a flat bottom.(Barb)




1 Package Cupcake Paper Holders
1 Pound Cake or sponge cake (Sara Lee type in the States)
1 Can Cherry pie filling
1 Can or carton of whipped topping  

• Cut cake into small cubes.
Place cubes at the bottom of each cupcake holder. (Tip: double or triple the holders) 
Plop a spoonful of cherries on top of the cubed cake pieces.
Keep chilled.
When you are ready to serve dab the top with whipped topping and enjoy.

Using the cupcake holders is a great idea when making this with children. However, for a larger serving the cherry dessert can also be made in individual bowls.  A nice Valentine's Treat! (Images by

(There are also CHERRY RECIPES in the CHERRY THEME  near its page bottom....) 


   ♥ Blend one tablespoon brown sugar into a container of strawberry cream cheese. 
   ♥ Dip strawberries, red apple slices and cherries into the spread.



Have children spread strawbery cream cheese and strawberry jam onto a tortilla- then roll the tortilla up like a log. Have children use the plastic knives  they used to spread the cream cheese and jam-- to cut the rolled up tortilla into sections.  If children do not like either the cream cheese of the jam--omit it...

Optional: Place strawberies halves on top of rolls (Image by



FOR OTHER Valentine Day Snacks consider...

 ♥ RED JELL-O jigglers with cool whip and sprinkles or have children use heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out hearts from the Jell-O.

♥ RED FRUIT (apples, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, etc.)

 ♥ Red/pink fruit JUICE

Use a cookie cutter to cut a heart shape into one piece of bread. Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using the heart-shaped cutout slices as the top piece.

♥ Heart shaped KRISPIE TREATS: Make normal recipe of Rice Krispie treats, but add red food coloring to butter/marshmallow mixture...Cut out with heart cookie cutters. If you do not have heart cutters you can either use a knife to cut them out or cut out a square and shape with your hands.

♥ Valentine's PUNCH

1 liter of Raspberry sherbet, 1/4 cup of pineapple juice, 2 liter sprite.
Put the sherbet in the punch bowl; it works best if it is half melted. Next add  pineapple juice. Wisk them together making a smooth texture. Last, add the sprite slowly, mixing continuously until the punch bowl is full.
The punch tastes good and you can use different colors of sherbet for different occasions.

♥ Heart-shaped snack cakes or cookies

Valentine candy

Cheese slices pressed with heart shaped cookie cutters...




 Using small fun shaped cookie cutters (in this case hearts for Valentine's Day) cut shapes out of a flour tortilla.
Place on non stick cookie sheet and lightly brush with a little melted butter.
Lightly sprinkle (you only need a little) with a mixture of 1 part cinnamon and 3 parts brown sugar.
Bake in a moderately hot oven for 10 minutes for a sweet and crispy treat.

NOTE: These are light and crispy and really good! The treats can be made any time of the year, with any shape.  Be sure your cookie cutters are sharp enough to easily cut through the tortillas. KA will definately be making versions of these again and again!!! (Image by




Hershey's Hugs chocolates
Hershey's chocolate kisses
3 (10 ounce) bags checkerboard windowpane or round shaped pretzels (or adjust the amount of pretzels to the number of treats you'd like) 
1 (large pound size) bag M&Ms plain chocolate candies.  Use Red and Pink for Valentine and other colors to match other holidays

Directions: Preheat oven to 170 degrees.  Place pretzels on a parchment or waxed paper-lined cookie sheets in a single layer. DO ONLY ONE TYPE OF CANDY PER SHEET because the Hugs melt faster than the kisses.

Unwrap Hugs or Kisses, place one on each pretzel, repeat for an entire cookie sheet.

Place cookie sheets in the preheated oven, bake 4 MINUTES FOR THE SHEET OF pretzels and HUGS, 5-6 minutes for the pretzels and KISSES. Remove from oven and immediately put a M&M on top of each pretzel/chocolate, pressing down gently. When pressing down you may need to wiggle the chocolate around a little to fill in any gaps between the chocolate and the pretzel. This will help the chocolate stick to the pretzel.

Place cookie sheet in freezer or refrigerator until the chocolate is reset.  If this is a gift...wrap either in cellophane bags, a tin or a candy box. (Image by



HEART SHAPED CAKE (14 inches wide and 12 inches long)

This cake can be made using ANY flavor mix and any frosting. KidActivities made a strawberry Jell-O poke cake with Cool Whip/pudding frosting. (Recipe is below)


Don't have a heart shaped cake pan?

...Simply use one sqare pan and one round pan. Follow baking directions on cake mix box. Place the cooled sqare cake at a 'diamond' angle--and cut the cooled round layer in half.

As in the first each half of the round cake at the upper sides of the 'diamond angled' square cake.


1 pkg. (2-layer size) white cake mix
1 cup boiling water
1 pkg. (3 oz.) JELL-O Strawberry or Raspberry Flavor Gelatin
1/2 cup cold water
(Even though the cake mix KidActivities used was white--I used three whole eggs and not just the whites)

1. Prepare cake batter and bake as directed on the package for 8"X8" size pans.
2. Cool cake in pan 15 min. Pierce cake with a straw or large fork at 1/2-inch intervals.
3. Make Jell-O
Add boiling water to gelatin mix; stir until completely dissolved.
Stir in cold water; pour into the holes if using straw method-- or over cake if using fork. The method of putting Jell-) over cake/into holes is your choice.
Refrigerate 2-3 hours.

4. FROST cake with the "below recipe", Cool Whip, or whipped cream.  After frosting-- leave as is or decorate with strawberries or raspberries. Refrigerate 2 hours.
The cake above was trimmed in strawberries that were cut in half... pink and white 'jimmies'  were sprinkled in the center. 

NOTE: This cake should be served cold and right out of the refrigerator! The cake slice shown above--was the first slice from the bottom point of the cake...


1 cup milk
1 (3 1/2ounce) package instant pudding mix, any flavor
1/4 cup powdered sugar
8 ounces Cool Whip

Pour milk into bowl add pudding mix and sugar.
Beat with wire whisk or mixer on low for 2 minutes. Cool in refrigerator until it is thickened.
Gently fold in whipped topping.

NOTE: KidActivities used a 6 1/2 oz. box of pudding mix with 2 cups of 2% milk. A couple drops of red food gel coloring and 1/4 cup powdered sugar was added.
The pudding mixture was refrigerated a couple hours and then about 8 oz. of cool whip was gently folded in.
As the above cake is very large (Almost 14 inches wide and about 12 inches long)-- more topping was needed than the basic recipe calls for.




PINK 'PAINTED' TOAST (Art and snack in one) 
Mix milk with small amount of red food coloring. (You don't need much of either to do a few slices of bread) Have children paint the bread and then then toast it. Put out  strawberry jam to go with it!

NOTE: Be sure children do not soak the bread. Just paint lightly so the bread will toast nicely. The image shows three stages of the pink toast.

♥ The heart on the left is bread that is only painted.

  • ♥ The full slice of bread on the right has been toasted and has nothing else on it.
  • ♥ The bottom heart has been painted and then toasted. Strawberry jam has then been spread on the toasted bread-heart.

One 'heart shape toast' was spread with butter and then eaten before it made the 'shoot'. Yumm (Images by




Set out either unfrosted heart shaped cookies or cupcakes. Add tubs of ready-made frosting, paper plates, plastic knives and whatever food decorations are available. Next let the kids have fun creating their own Valentine treats!

KidActivities put out strawberry cupcakes, white and pink frosting, chocolate chips, mini and regular size M&M's, pink and red candy corn and sprinkles...

The result is a variety of 'hugs and kisses' (O's and X's) hearts, and pink candy corn designs. Fun! (Image by 

Personal Note: Just like a child, I'd eat off all the candies first--and then enjoy the delicate cake! (Barb)

TIP: If you place 'a marble' behind  batter- filled cupcake liners (in a cupcake tin) the indentation will make a heart shaped cupcake. The bottoms are still rounded, but the top of the cupcake goes into a heart shape. The marbles are not affected in the oven!



Using the below directions... dip pretzels and then sprinkle with 'jimmies' to match the season. I just made these--and they are ohhh-so good!

The white chocolated pretzels were dipped in Wilton's Vanilla with peppermint candy circles. The chocolate dipped pretzels were made using  Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips. (Image by



1 lg. bag large pretzels  (KidActivities likes Snyder Pretzels)
1 lbs. white chocolate
Melt chocolate in microwave as package shows. Dip pretzel in chocolate and place on wax paper; let cool. To change the color of the chocolate, add food coloring before dipping.


12 oz.) bag chocolate chips
Large pretzels--Not rods

Melt chocolate and dip pretzels in chocolate leaving about 1/2-inch space at top of pretzel to hold. Lay on wax paper and let set.

TIP: When melting chocolate for dipping- I add about a teaspoon to teaspoon and half of vegtable shortening such as 'Crisco' to the chocolate. (The amount of shortening depends on the amount of chocolate being melted.) Do not use liquid shortening. 

I also microwave in short intervals. If chocolate is heated too long it will become hard. I don't have half power on my microwave-so I use the 'defrost setting'---starting with one minute and adding 25 to 30 seconds as needed. Usually when ready, the chips will still have shape; however, when stirred they melt down. (Barb/KidActivites)



 This is a quick, healthy and refreshing snack!

Simply take yogurt--the sample used a small container of regular raspberry Activa but any brand or color that is pink will do. Drop it by small teaspoons onto a plate or cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Place in freezer and ta-daa...yummy and nice yogurt kisses!

When frozen keep in covered container or plastic baggie and return to freezer.

If you would like a perfect "button shape"--put yogurt in a baggie. Snip of a corner of the bag and squeeze out perfect round shapes. Be sure to keep small;  they are eaten with fingers and melt quickly. (Image by





These recipes are from KidActivities Smoothies, Shakes and Coolers Category! Check out the page for some good 'Smoothe Making' tips and ideas...



Cherry 7-up, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a maraschino
cherry on top.


1 12 OZ Coke
1 T Cherry Grenadine
1 T Maraschino Cherry juice
1 Maraschino Cherry

Combine the first three ingredients by mixing slowly so as not to disturb the bubbles in the soda. Pour in tall glass over ice and top with Maraschino Cherry.


Small package of Cherry Jell-O
1/2 Cup milk
1 Cup cherry yogurt
1/2 cup fruit of choice (pitted cherries, banana, etc.)
1/2 cup ice cubes
Put all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth.


1/2 cup lemon lime soda
Juice of 2 limes
1 tsp cherry juice
1 maraschino cherry

Squeeze lime juice into a tall glass.
Add soda and cherry juice and stir well.
Add a maraschino cherry on top!


1 cup milk
½ banana, sliced
¼ cup fresh berries
Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix well. Makes 4 to 6 small servings.

/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 cup apple juice
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 cup nonfat frozen yogurt
1/2 cup ice
Combine all ingredients in blender; mix until smooth and frothy.

1 cup frozen concentrated raspberry juice
1 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1 cup cold water
1 teaspoon raspberry jam
3 ice cubes
Combine ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve immediately with drinking straws.

1 cup orange juice
1 cup raspberry yogurt
1 cup vanilla frozen yogurt
1/2 frozen banana (chunks)
1 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
Place all ingredients into a blender in the order listed. Blend at a low setting for the first minute, then the high setting until smooth.

This is cool and creamy, but light---with strawberries, coconut milk and a nice soda fizz.
1/2 cup coconut milk
4 cups frozen strawberries
3 Tbsp sugar
1 cup club soda
Combine all ingredients in blender and process until smooth. Pour into two tall glasses.


1 cup milk
6 scoops strawberry ice cream
2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon strawberry ice cream topping
1 tablespoon whipped cream, optional
Fresh strawberries, sliced, optional
Combine first 5 ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Garnish with whipped topping and sliced strawberries.


Click here for all Valentine pages linked together: Art/Crafts, Snacks, Games, Songs, Jokes


Valentine Games & Songs

January 8, 2011 00:51 by Barbara Shelby

 Pre-K and K songs/poem at page bottom...however...ideas for all ages!

PLAN A HEALTHY HEART DAY! (Read this, it's fun!)

Celebrate a “healthy” heart with fun, aerobic activities that get children up and moving. You may want to set up several skill stations; this is an idea adapted from Celebration Games: Physical Activities for Every Month (2006 Human Kinetics).


   STEP AEROBOCS STATION: Set up four or five step aerobic steppers and music.

   ♥ HEALTHY HEART EXERCISES: Demonstrate several aerobic exercises and have children perform three aerobic exercises of their choice at this station (ie. jumping jacks, jumping rope, jogging in place)

   ♥ CHOLESTEROL: Pictures of both high and low cholesterol foods are taped down. Children throw beanbags underhand from a throw line at low cholesterol foods.

   ♥ BLOOD PRESSURE: Make a sign that says “normal blood pressure 120/80” and tape down pictures of things that can raise blood pressure such as smoking, unhealthy foods, lack of exercise and stress. Children THROW BEANBAGS UNDERHAND from a throw line at the things that will raise blood pressure. (You can put point values on targets and total points)

   ♥ A HEALTHY BUT YUMMY SNACK TABLE at culmination of activity.

   ♥ Divide the children into groups and disperse them evenly among the stations. Place them in a numerical order and have them keep this order for all stations. Set the number of tries for each turn and announce when it is time to rotate to the next station. Leave ample space between stations and advise children not to stand in the throwing areas. Adapted and expanded upon from: School-age Note of the Day- 2/5/07 



  ♥ PlaY regular Limbo - but when children go out - they must 'say something nice' about child in front (or back) of them.





♥ Use tape or chalk to mark starting and turn-around points on the floor. Match children with partners (You could use the broken heart game in the above idea) and then divide the group into teams. If teams are uneven, have one pair go twice.

  ♥ Each pair holds a towel between them with an inflated balloon resting on top of the towel. At the signal, have each pair race from the starting point to the turn-around line and back--while balancing the balloon on the towel.

  ♥ If the balloon falls off--the pair must stop and replace it. Each pair then hands the towel with the balloon to the next pair in line---until all have had a turn!


  ♥ All sit in a circle". Have someone start by taking a ball and saying "I Love" and then say something they love such as- "I love ice cream". 
  ♥ They then roll the ball to someone else in the circle and it becomes that person's turn to say something they love. 
  ♥ The next person might say "I love bears" and then roll the ball on to someone else. 
  ♥ Just as with all good game playing...Continue and END BEFORE the children grow tired of it
  ♥ NOTE: This is a good way to get kids to think about the things they appreciate and learn about each other....



(Good for Valentine's Day and also Building Team/Program Spirit)
  ♥ Divide the group into teams of four or five children. Distribute construction paper and tape to each team. Explain to the teams that they will have ten minutes to build the tallest tower they can---WITHOUT TALKING. They can use only the given supplies. At the end of ten minutes -- have each team display their tower and discuss whether it was easy or difficult to build and why.



One player is the leader or 'St. Valentine' and orders the other players to make motions by saying "St. Valentine says" and then an action. They might say "St. Valentine says thumbs up", "St. Valentine says hands on your head" or "St. Valentine says jump up and down." The leader also makes all of these motions. If he omits the "St. Valentine says" part, ... and just orders "Thumbs up" or "Jump up and down", the players must not make the motion. Anyone who does so is out of the game. The winner is the player who remains in the game the longest.


STUFFED HEART (or cute 'stuffed teddy bear') RACE
♥ Divide the youth into two groups (if not even, have one child go twice). Give each team a small stuffed valentine heart. Have one child from each team place the heart between their legs and hop to the end of the room and back. They give the heart to next child in line, and this repeats until children have had their turn. The first team done is the winner.

Need: Two 8" squares of red or pink felt, 8" cardboard heart templates to use as a pattern, pencil, scissors, safety pin, glue, fabric paint, polyester fiberfill...

Use the cardboard heart pattern template to trace two hearts onto the felt. Cut out hearts and place one on top of the other. Put a safety pin through the middle of the hearts to hold them in place while gluing. Glue the two pieces of felt together along the edge leaving a 3" opening. Use fabric paint to add a child's name to the top of each pillow; let dry. Stuff the heart with fiberfill and glue the pillow shut.


   ♥ Take a cardboard box and cut out 5-6 Valentine hearts. Make them big enough for young children to throw bean bags through.  

  ♥ Decorate the box in a Valentines Day pattern and colors.

  ♥ Have the children take turns throwing bean bags in into the holes.

  ♥ If budget allows...Have a prize for the child who gets the most in with three throws--- and small prizes for ALL players.

  ♥ If you don't have a box you can always draw hearts on a ground or wall with red or pink chalk and try to toss your bean bags. into them instead.


  ♥ Create some name tags with words that relate with Valentines Day- such as:
 hearts, flowers, red, white, pink, and love.

  ♥ You'll then tape this tags on people's backs-but they can not look for the names. They must not find out what word is on their tag until the game starts.

  ♥ Everyone goes around and gives each other clues about the "valentine word" on their backs. You can ask a person only one question at a time. The game continues until everyone has found what theirs tag says.


Materials: 1 balloon per player, not inflated, LARGE HEART SHAPE from butcher paper, tape for center of target
Formation: line or circle

  ♥ All players inflate their balloon. Some players may need help.
When the leader says "1, 2, 3, GO!" the players release their balloons in the direction of the target. (the large heart)

  ♥ Score 5 points for the closest balloon and 15 points for a direct hit.

  ♥ This game works well with teams - each team gets their own colored balloons; red, blue, green etc. Or, you do not need to keep score at all and just have fun playing the game several times.



Before play---cut a medium paper heart. Provide each player with 4 plastic disks (Tiddly Winks or Bingo markers).

♥ Form a circle at a table or on the floor. Place the heart in the center of the circle. When you say "Go" the players "shoot" their disks onto the heart by pressing the edges with another disk.
  ♥ How many can they get to land on the heart? 
  ♥ It's harder than you think! - Let the kids try this as many times as they would like. If you have a large group of
children, divide players into smaller groups and make more heart "targets".




In this game, players are forbidden to smile, but --giggling and laughing will abound anyway.
1. Players sit in a circle, making sure they can see everyone else. One player who is "It" starts the game by smiling widely, while all the other players are somber. "It" then uses their hand to wipe the smile off their face and throw it to another player--- who has to catch the smile with their hand -- and then put it on.

2. The new "It" can wipe off the smile to throw to someone else--(though he/she will probably choose to make funny smile faces at everyone for a minute or two before relinquishing the happy role.) Meanwhile, all other players must sit stone-faced. One smirk and they're out.

The youngest players are the least successful at winning this game (they simply can't stop themselves from laughing), but they also tend to enjoy it the most.) Cassie/Mi.
Adapted from:



  ♥ Staple a 2" piece of string to a heart cut out of posterboard or construction paper. Hide the heart while all players close their eyes. The Valentine maybe covered but the string must be left exposed and visible.

  ♥ Tell  players to search for the Valentine, but when they find it they should not pick it up or tell anyone. Instead they must just go and sit back down and say "Hearts Unhid!"

  ♥ They then wait until everyone else has found it. The first player to sit down then may hide the heart. Soure:



  ♥ Cut a large number of hearts and write a different instruction on each heart for a relay race Such as:
Skip, crawl, crab walk, hop, walk backwards, etc. --
  ♥ Duplicate the instruction for the number of Teams you will have playing. (Example: Three teams equals three sets of instructions)
  ♥ Divide the children into groups (if not even, have one child go twice) Put the hearts at the end of the room in a pile for each team.

  ♥ On go, the first player on each team runs up to the pile and takes a heart. The players come back to the group doing what it says on the heart. When the first players get back, the next players run to the hearts and play continues...

  ♥ Return the hearts to the bottom of the pile until ALL have had a turn.
Tip: Laminate the hearts for FUTURE Valentine Days. (This game can also be a adapted to other themes such as St. Patrick's Day with Shamrocks instead of hearts)


Challenge your friends to a race of the minds. (This can be played between two people or 3 or 4 youth on each Team)
  ♥ Set a kitchen timer for one minute. When the time starts, write down as many VALENTINE AND FRIENSHIP related words that you can think of.

  ♥ Example: heart, cupid, love, gifts, candy, sweets, sweet, cards, flowers, jewelry, dinner out, kiss, hug, like, roses, arrow, ribbons, paper doilies, present, friends,etc.
(Remember this for other themed Days!)




This is a version of the 'Halloween Mummy Wrap' game!

For Valentine's Day, instruct the children that they are wrapping a valentine gift. When they are done wrapping their "gifts," give them a big red bow to finish the package. Play this game in  pairs or small groups.



  SHARE THEIR HEART GAME (For younger children)

1. Before you play--make half as many 24" hearts"---as there are children in the group.
2. Tape the hearts to the floor in a large circle.
3. Play music and have the children walk around the circle of hearts. Stop the music intermittently.
4. When the music stops, have each child stand on a heart with both feet. More than one child can share a heart. Children may hang on to one another in order to stay on their heart.

5. Do not eliminate payers-- instead--eliminate hearts.
6. Start the music again. While children are walking, remove one heart. Eliminate a heart each round-until it is impossible for children to use any fewer hearts. From book: Let's Party, by Cathy Allen Falk




(Played like "Doggie Doggie where's your Bone?")
1. Have one child sit in the middle of the circle while covering their eyes.
2. Give another child a Valentine to hide behind their back.
3. Have all other children put their hands behind their back.
4. Chant the following verse:

Valentine, Valentine,
Where's your match?
Wake up quick,
And find them fast!

5. The child in the middle gets three guesses. The one  who hid the Valentine is the next to go into the middle.



1. Prepare a large heart from construction paper before the party.
2. Put  children in a circle, and play silly Valentine music while they pass around the paper heart.
3. The person holding the heart when the music stops wins a treat.
4. Bring plenty of treats to make sure each child receives one.



Divide  youth into two groups --
Have one child from each team draw a valentine object on the blackboard while the rest of the team tries to guess what is being drawn.



This is not a game, but a great group activity to see who can give the biggest smile!.

One at a time measure people's smiles with a ruler or measuring tape. This is fun. You can also measure the zany faces! Take photos as you do this as people are smiling BIG!



 Have a "MAKE A VALENTINE HEART" by tearing paper contest! A CRAFTY GAME

♥ Have each participant hold a piece of valentine colored construction paper in their hands--behind their back.
♥ They tear the paper into a heart shape without looking at what they are doing.
♥ Who's created the most "heart-looking" heart shape!?


   PUT THE LIPS ON MISS VALENTINE - (A version of pin the tail on the donkey) 
  ♥ Create a Miss Valentine with large, heavy poster board or cardboard. Be creative and use moving eyes, false eyelashes and pipe cleaners for hair (everything but the lips). 
  ♥ Write a "number" on each pair of red lips cut out of construction paper; Place tape on the back of them. 
  ♥ Put a blind fold on the children and have them put the lips on the Ms. Valentine.





(A good 'lead in' game... to find partners ...or just have fun!) 
  ♥ In advance cut each heart into two pieces with BOLD, UNUSUAL LINES- SO EACH ONE IS UNIQUE! 
  ♥ Distribute one-half of a heart to each child. 
  ♥ At a signal have the children find the other half of their hearts.



 ♥ Hide Hershey Kisses around the room and have a race to see who can find the most kisses. (Large group? Break children into smaller groups with multiple hunts or in different areas) 
 ♥ A good idea would be to combine all collected candy kisses-- and divide them evenly between the children.




1.  Before play: Cut a LARGE heart "target" out of paper or fabric.
2.  Use a marker to make a large X in the center.
3.  Make or purchase three bean bags.
4.  To play - place the heart on the floor and a strip of tape an appropriate distance away-- Six feet for young children -- farther for older children.
5.   The players form a line and take turns standing with their toes on the tape.
6.   Toss the Bean Bags one at a time attempting to hit the X.





Place a piece of chocolate candy in your mouth-- and see how long it takes to melt!
No sucking and chewing it!
The one to keep the chocolate IN THEIR MOUTH THE LONGEST is the winner!



 SONGS and MOVEMENT...Nice for Pre-k to Gr. 1

WON'T YOU BE A FRIEND TO ME? A Game and Song...

SONG: Sing to tune of London Bridges
Won't you be a friend to me? Friend to me? Friend to me?
Won't you be a friend to me? And I'll be your friend, too!

1. Randomly give each child a small object of pink, red or white to hold. (You could use small paper hearts, crayons, beads, etc.)
2. Depending on the number of children in the group, use two or three different colors. Make sure the objects each have a mate of the same color
3. Teach children the song: Won't you be a Friend to Me?
4. When children all have a colored object, they walk about the room singing the song. When the song is complete, they partner with a 'friend' who holds the same color that they are holding.
5. When matched with a friend, they both sit down as quickly as possible. When all are sitting, children change colors with each other and a new round begins!

I'M A LITTLE VALENTINE (To tune of I'm a little Tea Pot)

I'm a little valentine
Red and White
With ribbons and lace
I'm a beautiful sight
I can say, "I Love You"
On Valentine's Day
Just put me in an envelope
And give me away


MY SPECIAL FRIEND (Sing to London Bridge)

My valentine is red and white
Red and white, red and white-
My valentine is red and white
It's for a special friend.

Can you guess my special friend,
Special friend, special friend?
Can you guess my special friend?
Did you guess? It's you!


Sing to the tune The Muffin Man

Do you know my valentine,
My valentine, my valentine?

Do you know my valentine?
Their name is _____.


Sing to tune of Three Blind Mice

Love, love, love...
love, love, love-
See how it grows
See how it grows.
I love my friends and they love me.
We love each other that's plain to see.
There's plenty for a family.
Love, love, love...
love, love, love.


Demonstrate putting the 'heels' of hand palms together. Curve all the fingers so tips are down-ward and meeting to make a heart. When all children have learned the movement-say it with the following poem.

I part my hands together
This is how I start...
I curve my fingers right around
And I can make a Heart!



5 little valentines from the grocery store-
I sent 1 to mother, now there are 4.
4 little valentines pretty ones to see-
I gave one to my brother now there are 3.
3 little valentines red, yellow and blue-
I gave one to my sister now there are 2.
2 little valentines, oh we have fun-
I gave one to Daddy, now there is 1.
1 little valentine, the story is almost done-
I gave it to mother, now there are none.


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