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USA Patriotic Theme!

June 2, 2011 22:00 by Barbara Shelby

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This category is filled with ideas for RED, WHITE & BLUE DAYS!  Crafts, Art, Games, and more! (Red, White & Blue Food is on Page 2)
Consider some of these activities for themes of:  Patriotic, Uncle Sam, USA Olympics, Flag Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Fireworks, Labor Day or the Last Week of School or Good Old USA Days!


Craft foam
Sharpened pencil Elastic cording
Red-and-white striped straws or drink stirrers
Time needed: About 1 Hour
1. Cut out craft foam stars and use a shapened pencil to poke a hole in the middle of each one.
2. String them onto a length of elastic cording, alternating the stars with sections of straw or drink stirrer. Knot and wear.


Felt paper in red, white, and blue, white star stickers, dowel stick, glue, and scissors.
Give each child a large rectangle piece of white felt. Students (or the teacher) will cut out a blue square and 7 red strips. Glue onto white felt rectangle to resemble flag. Once dry, have students place white star stickers onto blue felt square. Glue the edge of the flag to the dowel stick and let dry (it may be best to use a glue gun). Let dry.


Kids will have fun at parades and other celebrations with these hand held ribbon streamers. With just a few strands of ribbon you can create an accessory that looks cool when kids run or dance with it.
What you'll need:
Paper towel roll tube
Tacky glue
Roll of red ribbon
Roll of blue ribbon
Roll of white ribbon
Roll of striped red, white, and blue ribbon
Hole punch
Measuring tape, ruler, or yardstick
1.  Wrap the striped red, white, and blue ribbon around the paper towel tube, applying tacky glue under the ribbon as you work. You can wrap the ribbon at an angle or horizontally, whatever you prefer.
2.  After ribbon is applied and glue has dried, punch 9 holes in the bottom of the paper towel tube with the hole punch.
3.  Cut three strips of red ribbon that are 46 inches long. Cut three strips of blue ribbon that are 46 inches long. Cut three strips of white ribbon that are 46 inches long.
4. Tie a knot in the top of each strip of ribbon.
5. Pull each of the strips through the holes so the knot is on the inside
of the tube.
If you can't find striped red, white, and blue ribbon, you can wrap around individual strips of red, white, and blue ribbon.


This project is a FUN way to decorate for any patriotic holiday, or to show your USA pride all year-round! American Flag Windsocks are easy to make and perfect for Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

  • Remove cover and cut bottom off oatmeal box.
  • Cover box with blue construction paper.
  • Decorate box with stickers and glitter.
  • Cut red and white crepe paper streamers, glue to bottom end of box.
  • Punch four holes along the top end of the box.
  • Cut two pieces of string about a foot long.
  • Tie strings to the holes you have just punched, tie opposite ends of strings to holes on opposite side.
  • Cut an additional longer piece of string. To hang windsock---tie this to the other two strings.

Hang windsock from porch, window or a tree!

 TIP: 'USA UNCLE SAM WINDSOCK'...All Windsocks can be decorated to any theme such as this photo example. For this windsock, it is suggested to start painting/decorating from the top and work your way down.


  Cover toilet tissue tubes with red or blue construction paper and have children decorate them with silver star stickers.
2.  Cut red, white and blue crepe-paper streams --into long and narrow strips. Have children glue the strips to one end of their tubes to make pompoms for shaking.


 DECORATE WITH RED-WHITE AND BLUE TWIRLERS! A fun craft and nice decoration

 Hang from a window frame, tree, ceiling or porch!
Plastic coffee can lids (Lids come in a variety of colors), Marker, Scissors, String


  •  To make one, use a nail to poke a hole in the center of a plastic coffee can lid.
  • With a marker, draw a spiral that starts 3/8 inch from the hole (it keeps going around itself in circular pattern) and gradually extends to the rim---then cut along the line with scissors.
  • Knot an end of a piece of string, thread the other end up through the hole in the center, and the twirler is ready to hang up and spin.
  • To spin, grasp each one at the bottom, twirl it around and around until the string is wound tight, let go and enjoy.  (Source: FamilyFun-but have also seen on CafeMom)


Cut stars out of red, white and blue construction paper.
Make a head band out of white construction paper (make it long enough to fit around the child's head).
Glue stars on the band.
Red, white and blue stickers can also be added.
Allow the glue to dry.
Place band around child's head to get the size right.
Staple the band to make a circle.


Paper plate, white tissue paper, red tissue paper, blue tissue paper
silver streamers or ribbon, silver of white pipe cleaner, glue, stapler
1.  Start by cutting out the center of a paper plate - discard the center.
2. Cut tissue into 6"x6" squares. Scrunch a piece of tissue up and dab it into the glue and place on the plate.
3.  Continue doing this and alternating colors until the plate rim is filled all the way up.
4.  Add a little sparkle by adding some silver streamers or ribbon here and there.
5.  Staple a pipe cleaner to the back of the wreath to make a hanger.


Red plastic plates (two for each Frisbee)
Steak Knife (optional)
Large Ziploc baggie
Red, white and blue or multi-colored sequins
1. Cut out the center of two red plastic plates. 
(Create a slit in the plastic plates with a knife. Next have children cut the rest of the center out with a pair of scissors.)
2. Fill the large plastic bag with colored sequins. 
(The Frisbee works better if you don’t put in too many sequins.
3. Place the plastic bag filled with sequins in between the two plates.
4. Staple the two plates together around the edges with the plastic bag in between. 
(It helps to have one person hold the plastic bag on each end so it’s taut, while the other person staples the plates together.) 5. Trim the parts of the plastic bag that hang outside the edge of the plates.
6. Go outside and throw the new Frisbee! 


Starfish (Real starfish)
Red Acrylic Paint
Blue Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
1) Paint red stripes on star fish leaving the upper left quadrant blank.
2) Paint blue in the upper left quadrant.
3) Allow to dry.
4) Paint small white stars in the blue painted section




Don't forget to put out the red, white and blue pony beads to have the children create necklaces and bracelets.

Put out red, white, and blue embroidery floss for 'FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS!


Make a decorative string of stars to celebrate any red-white and blue day!
Construction paper (red, white and blue)
String or yarn (red, white or blue)
A stapler, tape, or glue
Star template to trace...
1.  Make large star cardboard templates for the kids to trace.
2.  After stars are traced---Cut them out and decorate it if you like.
3.  Fold over one tip of the star and staple, tape, or glue the star to a length of string.
4.  Make many stars and attach them to the string.
5.  Leave some extra string at the edges for hanging.
Now you can decorate any area with a patriotic flair!


Need: Plastic film canisters, popcorn kernels, stickers, glue, glitter, paint markers, red, white, and blue ribbon...
1.  Have children fill the film canister halfway with corn kernels and decorate with stickers.
2.  Staff members can then poke a hole in the lid of each canister and children can thread some curly ribbon through the hole.
3.  Knot the ribbon on the underside of the lid and let the rest stream out of the top.


Need: Cardbord tissue tubes and red, white, and blue streamers
1.  To make the streamers, have children glue (or have a staff member staple) lengths of crepe paper to the inside of a cardboard tube.
2.  Decorate as desired


PARTY CRACKERS (Not the kind you eat…)

  • To make party crackers, take an old paper towel roll and cut it in half or thirds.
  • Place small favors such as erasers, tiny toys, stickers, or small wrapped candy inside.
  • Roll the filled paper towel roll in party wrapping paper allowing extra paper at both ends.
  • Twist the excess wrapping paper at each end and tie with ribbon or yarn. Party crackers!!!


White craft foam
Wooden craft spoon
Googly eyes
Cotton balls
Self-adhesive pinback
Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. Cut out a basic Uncle Sam-style hat (about 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide) from white craft foam.
2. Use markers to color the brim blue and to draw red stripes on the top.
3. Glue the hat TO THE HANDLE of a wooden craft spoon iIf necessary, first use scissors to trim the wooden handle so that it's shorter than the hat). 4. Glue on googly eyes and a cotton ball beard, then draw on a small L-shaped nose.
5. Attach a self-adhesive pinback (sold at many craft and bead stores), and your Uncle Sam pin is ready to wear.


Supplies: An unglazed terracotta plant pot
Red, white and blue acrylic paint
1.  Paint the rim of the flowerpot white and the lower part of the pot blue (or paint the rim blue and the lower part white).
2.  Let the paint dry. A second coat may be needed, especially for the white paint.
3.  No matter which style you choose...Paint white stars on the blue portion; paint red stripes on the white part.


Whether it’s a Parade, Presidents' Day, a 4th of July celebration or any other fun event you attend, this patriotic wand is perfect for showing your pride.
You'll need:
1 sheet blue construction paper
24” strip red crepe paper streamer
24” strip white crepe paper streamer
Star shaped stickers

1. Roll blue construction paper into a tight cone and tape closed.
2. Cut each crepe paper strip into 3 parts of equal length. Next, cut strips in half lengthwise, creating two thin strips from each regular strip. You should end up with six strips of each color.
3. Place a small piece of tape at the end of one of the red strips. Press the tape inside the top of the cone. Repeat this step using a white strip. Repeat for remaining strips, alternating between red and white, work your way around the top of the cone so that your streamers are equally distributed.
4. Decorate strips and cone with star stickers.

To make a sturdier parade stick, try using card stock or poster board for the handle.
   • Get stickers from the dollar store or check the clearance racks at the craft supply or discount department store.
   • Allow children to be creative by decorating with other items such as gems and glitter glue. Source: Amanda Formaro 


With plastic pony beads, ribbons, chenille stems, lanyard and tissue paper, kids can decorate the center and themselves.


Add red, white and blue star beads to SHOE LACES

Lace red white and blue bead strands to clip on patio umbrellas. Use a chenille stem to bead stars to add to the ends.

Make red, white and blue TISSUE FLOWERS. Put in vases/jars or tie them on curling ribbon to decorate the corners of a picnic table. See 'tissue making flower ideas' in the "Flowers Category" of this site.


Gather several packages of red, white, and blue beads and white pipe cleaners. Make a few example patterns with the beads on the pipe cleaners. Set the remaining beads and pipe cleaners on a table and allow the children to copy any of the patterns on their own pipe cleaners.


***Idea: Provide cardboard TP tubes, aluminum foil, craft paper, markers , gift wrap ribbon, tape, glue and scissors to build creative rockets...


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Use dark construction paper, glue and different colors of glitter. These fireworks pictures are great decorations...
Black or very dark construction paper
White glue
Old newspapers
A straw (optional)
1.  Work on old newspapers.
2.  Spread glue on the paper in geometric shapes. If the glue is soft enough, you can put a small blob of glue on the paper, and then blow some air through a straw to spread it into interesting shapes. You can experiment with the consistency of the glue and the angle of the straw.
3.  Sprinkle glitter onto the glue. Slide the excess glitter off your picture and back into the glitter container.


IDEA #2 Bursts of PAINT that resemble FIREWORKS in the Sky...
Acrylic paint
Drinking straw
Paper (or card stock)
Time needed: 30 Minutes or Less...

For each color: In a paper cup--dilute some acrylic paint with water to a runny consistency. Using a paintbrush, drip a few drops of paint onto a piece of paper or card stock (be sure to rinse the brush between colors). Hold  a drinking straw directly over each puddle of paint and blow gently to create a spectacular starburst effect.


Flour, Salt, Water, Red and blue food coloring, Empty squeeze bottles (mustard bottles work well), Cardboard
Mix equal parts of flour, salt, and water to make the puffy paint.
2. Divide mixture into three different bowls and color one bowl of mixture blue, one bowl red, and leave the last one white.
3. Fill the mustard bottles with the mixture (one color per squeeze bottle).
4. Let the children squeeze the different colors onto the cardboard.
5. When they're dry, the design will be raised and will sparkle!


Dip the end of a Q-tip in glue and glitter and have children glue them on a black piece of paper in the shape of a star - they look like fireworks!





Pull out the red, white and blue paint. PAINT STARS OR A FLAG on the cheeks/face of the kids!


1.  Gather red, and blue paint---take it outside and paint the grass blade tops!
2.  Set 'white' paper on the painted grass. These are lawn prints, but will resemble fireworks on the paper.
TIP: You can also use different colors for a non-thematic "quick" activity.
This is adapted from an idea by caregiver of autistic children.


This actvity is especially good with young children!
1.  Put out pre-cut-shapes of the flag ---blue rectangles, red stripes, and sticky stars.
2.  Instruct the children to create anything they'd like... Some may look like the American flag and some may look like abstract collages---but all will be patriotic!


Bring out the artistic side of your celebrants by setting out colored chalk and inviting them to draw a RED, WHITE & BLUE HOLIDAY SIDEWALK MURAL. They might try their hand at colorful fireworks, or as a team--create a giant American flag. The bigger kids can sketch the outline and work on the stars, while the younger ones can help with the stripes. If you have a sunny, dry month---your sidewalk show of patriotism could keep the spirit alive for weeks.


The finished products resemble brilliant fireworks displays
Materials: Several stalks of Queen Anne's Lace, red, yellow and white paint, dark paper.
1. Pour paint into shallow containers.
2. Have the children dip the Queen Anne's Lace blossoms into paint and lightly dab them on their papers.


Red and blue tempera paint, Sponges cut into stars and long strips, White construction paper
Let the children make sponge prints on the white paper with the red and blue paint.
Gather a few star-shaped cookie cutters and shallow bowls of red and blue tempera paint. Put out all materials for children to press the cookie cutters into the paint and then onto a piece of construction paper to make star shaped prints
Have a flag as a guide for the kids to follow. Tearing strips of red, white and blue paper, have children glue them onto a large sheet of construction paper. Make sure they know what size they should be trying to tear for the stars, stripes, etc. This is a good idea for younger children but the older may also enjoy it. 


Make your favorite play dough recipe and add RED food coloring, jello or kool-aid to one portion, BLUE to another--- and leave SOME AS IS. (Make it with the children) Put dough out along with 'star shaped' cookie cutters and let children create! (Lots of Play Dough recipes here)


Materials Needed
Red, white and blue paint
Paint Trays
Sheet of paper 2' x 3' or larger

1. On the large sheet of paper, draw lines for stripes and paint a blue square in the upper left corner.
2. Have the children fill in the bottom stripe by dipping their hands in the red paint and pressing them end to end within the lines of the stripe. Using the white paint, have them make a white stripe just above it the same way.
3. Continue until you have all 13 stripes filled with hand prints.
4. Have the children dip their fingertips in paint and make the "stars" in the blue square.
Extension Idea:
Have children make our country's very first flag in the same manner and discuss why it looks different from the flag we have today.


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Have the kids make small U.S. flags and place them in red, white, and blue sand pails with sand filler at the bottom. Turn this decoration into a game.
1.  Divide the kids into two teams and have them run, grab a flag, and quickly walk back to the team line.
2.  The next person must do the same. The team with all of the flags in hand the quickest wins!
3.  Be sure to have the kids take the flags home!


1.  Boil a dozen eggs and color some red and blue. (Be sure to keep some white!)
2.  Divide the kids into two teams, and provide each with a spoon and eggs.
3.  The kids balance a colored egg on their spoon and walk quickly from one end of the game area to the other and return.
4.  If the egg drops, the team member must begin again.
5.  The first team with all members completing the relay race wins!



Two sets of clothing consisting of: Uncle Sam's hat, a white beard, a blue jacket or shirt, red clip-on bow tie, and a bell.
1.  Separate players into two equal lines spaced approximately 6 feet apart.
2.  Place a set of clothing at the beginning of each line; then place a bell approximately 15 feet in front of each line.
3.  On 'go', the first player in line dresses up in the clothing; then MARCHES to the bell.
4.  When they reach the bell, they pick it up with their left hand, turn and face their teammates and then ring the bell.
5. They replace the bell and MARCH back to the front of their line--remove the clothing--and go to the end of their line.
6. The next player repeats the process; repeat until the last player finishes. The first team to finish is the winner.


***Click for a great variety of RELAY RACES and picnic games ...(Races, Relays, Balloon and Bean Bag Fun!) You may also like some PARACHUTE GAMES!


Check out the  RED, WHITE & BLUE JOKES on

FUN IDEA → If you're having a party, as a warm-up game write down jokes on individual slips of paper. Half the kids/guests get the Question--and the other half get the Answer! Good fun with kids trying to find their Question and Answer match! 



This is a fun project but NOT a recipe for drinking
You’ll Need
Whole milk (must be whole milk...project needs the fat!)
A baking pan
Food coloring
Liquid dishwashing soap
Pour the milk into the baking pan.
2. Drop several different colors of food coloring all around the milk.
3. Add a “squirt” or two of the dishwashing liquid, and watch the colors burst and swirl. The dishwashing liquid separates the fat from the other liquids in the milk. If the fireworks slow down, just add another squirt of dishwashing liquid



#1 Idea
Make tie-dyed looking red, white and blue carnations. These flowers look great for any red-white & blue theme!.
You’ll Need:
2 glasses
Red and blue food coloring
White carnations
Green thread
1.  Pour water into a glass of water. Add 7 to 8 drops of red food coloring to the glass.
2.  Pour water into another glass and add 7 to 8 drops of blue food coloring to the glass.
3.  Cut the stem of a white carnation lengthwise. This will make the carnation stem into two thin stems.
4.  Set the two glasses of colored water together. Put half of the stem of the carnation into the red water and the other half into the blue water.
5.  Let the carnation sit for a few hours. The carnation will begin to change gradually into red and blue.
6.  Take the flower out of the mixture in just a few hours before the colors can change the white carnation entirely. You want it so that some of the white is still on the carnation.
7.  Wrap the stems together with green thread and place the carnation into a clear vase of water. Make several flowers and show off your beautiful red, white and blue flowers in a vase.

Kids will enjoy making these using white flowers such as daisies, mums and carnations.
1.  Pour water into a canning jar with several drops of red or blue food coloring.
2.  Place the flowers into the jar over night. Don't forget to set some of the white flowers aside to add to the bouquet.
3.  In the morning, place all of the flowers into a fresh vase of water and tie red, white and blue ribbon around the top of the jar.


MENTOS ERUPTION -- Soda Geyser-- or just Diet Coke and Mentos

(Do this outside) This is a reaction between Mentos candy and cola. The experiment involves dropping several Mentos candies (usually 5–8) into a bottle of diet cola resulting in an eruption occurring because of rapidly expanding carbon dioxide bubbles on the surface of the Mentos.

I  tried this experiment with three of my grandsons (Ages 6, 8,11-see photo) They all loved it! We quickly put five mentos into the Coke. The reaction starts immediately-so be quick!

If you want an explanation:
There are various theories being debated as to the exact scientific explanation of the phenomenon, many scientists claim that it is a physical reaction and not a chemical one. Water molecules strongly attract each other, linking together to form a tight connection around each bubble of carbon dioxide gas in the soda. To form a new bubble, water molecules must push away from one another. It takes extra energy to break this surface tension. So, in other words, water resists the expansion of bubbles in the soda.


When Mentos are dropped into soda, the gellan gum and gum arabic of the candy dissolves and breaks the surface tension. This disturbs the water connection, so that it takes less work to expand and form new bubbles. Each Mentos candy has thousands of tiny pores over its surface. These tiny pores function as nucleation sites, perfect places for carbon dioxide bubbles to form. As soon as the Mentos enter the soda, bubbles form all over their surface. They quickly sink to the bottom, causing carbon dioxide to be released by the carbonated liquid with which they come into contact along the way. The sudden increase in pressure pushes all of the liquid up and out of the bottle.

ALKA-SELTZER ROCKET (Also fun for the 4th!) a model rocket fashioned from a 35mm film canister and propelled by the generation of gas from an effervescent liquid. It is often used in science classes to demonstrate principles of chemistry and physics to students.

1.  In the experiment, a film canister is filled with water and an effervescent tablet (commonly Alka-Seltzer) and tightly sealed.
2.  After a short time, the evolved carbon dioxide reaches sufficient pressure to cause the body of the canister to be launched into the air with a popping sound.
3.  The canister may be elaborated with paper fins to resemble more closely a real rocket.

Lessons based around the Alka-Seltzer rocket can focus on a number of principles. For example, the students are sometimes asked to experiment with the amounts of water and Alka-Seltzer to find the combination which propels the rocket the greatest distance.
Alternatively they may derive equations to calculate the speed and velocity of the rocket from the distance it travels.



Have a child's wagon you're not using? Plan ahead for your 'Patriotic celebration' and fill that wagon with red, white, and blue flowers. Include a sweet alyssum border, geraniums, lobelia, cosmos, begonias, and impatiens. For the finishing touch, add American flags to the mix.




Sung to tune of "Mary had a Little Lamb"
Our flag is red, white, & blue
red, white & blue
red,white & blue
Our flag is red, white, & blue
in the U.S.A.
Our flag has 50 stars,
50 stars, 50 stars,
Our flag has 50 stars, in the U.S.A.
Our flag has 13 stripes,
13 stripes, 13 stripes,
Our flag has 13 stripes,
in the U.S.A.
"Down By the Station"
Down at the flagpole,
Early in the morning,
We will raise our flag,
The red, white, and blue.
We stand at attention,
It's something that we do.
We salute the colors,
The red, white, and blue.
"When the Saints Come Marching In"
Oh, when the flag comes marching in,
Oh, when the flag comes marching in,
How I love to see its three colors,
The red, white, and blue

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1.  Using crepe paper and streamers, have the kids DECORATE THEIR BIKES, scooters, wagons, and younger children’s strollers. You can also attach playing cards to the frame so they hit the spokes & sound like a wheel of fortune.
2.  Make musical instruments from ‘Recycled materials’. See 
gads of instrument ideas on KidActivities.
3.  You could also take shoe boxes and have the children make “themed’ floats from them! These could be carried in the parade.
4.  Encourage all to wear red, white and blue clothing!

 You now have all the makings for a great parade!!!

Plan your parade route and then hand out fliers to alert your potential audience of the event--- which would be your neighborhood and parents. Invite all to watch!

You can parade around the school or center block, track or playground. Ride the decorated vehicles, wave banners and march, play the pre-made (and practiced on) instruments, sing, and have a great time!!!

Consider having an ICE-CREAM SOCIAL!
You can also give out awards ...such as the Best Red, White and Blue Bicycle; Most Original Bicycle; Most Creatively Decorated Bicycle; Most Appealing to Spectators, Smallest, Most Covered, Most Unique, etc.

ANOTHER IDEA with bikes...
You can also have a "SLOWEST BICYCLE RACE" with decorated bikes... See the
Mixing Math and Fun Category (near the bottom of the category page.) 
Add this to ideas for a 'Red, White & Blue' program parade around the neighborhood!!! We did one with our families last year and it was great fun!!! We're in a quiet neighborhood---advertised for two weeks before---and had all the neighborhood out to watch us! Cassie/Mi.

To keep your lawn chair spectators happy, consider enlisting some of the following:
  •   Families carrying homemade banners pinned across a broomstick.
  •   Pets with red, white and blue ribbons in their leashes or collars.
  •   A parent and kid kazoo band.
  •   In-line skaters wearing red, white and blue T-shirts and helmets, of course.
  •   Bigger kids dribbling red, white and blue basketballs or soccer balls.
  •   A teenage DJ carrying a boom box playing patriotic songs.
  •   Bikes, strollers, wagons and wheelchairs sporting streamers and balloons.
  •   A minuteman marching band featuring kids playing oatmeal-container drums and paper-towel-roll fifes. Band students can chime in with their trumpets and clarinets, and even moms and dads can dust off their old instruments and join the fun.
A clown (a parent dressed in costume) tossing penny candy to the crowd.
  •   Use tape, streamers, flags and balloons to transform a fleet of wagons into patriotic parade floats.



CAN YOU NAME THE ORIGINAL 13 COLONIES? Have a quiz to see how many the kids can correctly name. You can also have the kids guess in pairs or teams! (You may also be interested in the 'Colonial Theme' for some great ideas)

Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia

Betsy Ross --but the answer (according to the experts at the 'Betsy Ross house') is that it was possibly designed by Francis Hopkinson, a New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The stars on the flag were in a circle so that no one colony would be viewed above another. It is reported that George Washington said, "Let the 13 stars in a circle stand as a new constellation in the heavens."

This is page 1, Go to Page 2 ~ Pariotic Red, White & Blue Food  


You may also be interested in the 'Cherry Theme'...lots of good ideas that would work with some Red-White-and Blue' Summer Time Fun!

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'Traveling Around the World' is a great theme for multicultural experiences as well as popular for classroom, day camp and childcare programs! Category resources available at this time are:
  •All Multicultural Diversity Categories


President's Day for Kids!

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01 Washington, George (1789-1797)
02 Adams, John (1797-1801)
03 Jefferson, Thomas (1801-1809)
04 Madison, James (1809-1817)
05 Monroe, James (1817-1825)
06 Adams, John Quincy (1825-1829)
07 Jackson, Andrew (1829-1837)
08 Van Buren, Martin (1837-1841)
09 Harrison, William Henry (1841)
10 Tyler, John (1841-1845)
11 Polk, James Knox (1845-1849)
12 Taylor, Zachary (1849-1850)
13 Fillmore, Millard (1850-1853)
14 Pierce, Franklin (1853-1857)
15 Buchanan, James (1857-1861)
16 Lincoln, Abraham (1861-1865)
17 Johnson, Andrew (1865-1869)
18 Grant, Ulysses S. (1869-1877)
19 Hayes, Rutherford Birchard (1877-1881)
20 Garfield, James Abram (1881)
21 Arthur, Chester Alan (1881-1885)
22 Cleveland, Grover (1885-1889)
23 Harrison, Benjamin (1889-1893)
24 Cleveland, Grover (1893-1897)
25 McKinley, William (1897-1901)
26 Roosevelt, Theodore (1901-1909)
27 Taft, William Howard (1909-1913)
28 Wilson, Woodrow (1913-1921)
29 Harding, Warren Gamaliel (1921-1923)
30 Coolidge, Calvin (1923-1929)
31 Hoover, Herbert Clark (1929-1933)
32 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1933-1945)
33 Truman, Harry (1945-1953)
34 Eisenhower, Dwight David (1953-1961)
35 Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (1961-1963)
36 Johnson, Lyndon Baines (1963-1969)
37 Nixon, Richard Milhous (1969-1974)
38 Ford, Gerald Rudolph (1974-1977)
39 Carter, James Earl Jr. (1977-1981
40 Reagan, Ronald Wilson (1981-1989)
41 Bush, George Herbert Walker (1989-1993)
42 Clinton, William Jefferson (1993-2001)
43 Bush, George Walker (2001-2009)

44 Obama, Barack Hussein (2009-2016)

45  Donbald Trump  (2017- )


Idea:***PLAY A GAME OF HANGMAN USING THE NAMES OF PRESIDENTS!  USE THE ABOVE LIST OF NAMES...A great to learn and spell the Presidents' names!) 

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500



How about planning a President’s Day celebration based on 'DAYS OF OLD'???!!!
It might be fun to have some COLONIAL GAMES AND TREATS.
Visit KidActivities' two pages of a 'COLONIAL THEME'  for all kinds of great ideas! 

A few quick ideas...

• Have kids come dressed in colonial attire

Have kids  write their names using a quill pen and parchment paper

Have sack races using traditional burlap bags

Play marbles or have a marbles tournament

Make Apple Head or Corn Husk dolls

Play “Scotch-Hoppers” or as we know it, Hop Scotch!

Play Leap Frog

If it is a windy day, fly some kites

Spin tops

Play Cat’s Cradle

Play Tag

Play Hide and Seek


For AUTHENTIC COLONIAL FOOD, here are some menu suggestions:


  • Corn bread or muffins
  • Bread with apple butter
  • Baked beans
  • Corn on the cob
  • Roasted chicken or stew
  • Molasses cookies
  • Rock candy
  • Old-fashioned stick candy
  • Fruit pies and tarts
  • Pumpkin bread

Some recipes are in the Colonial Theme...




Even George Washington couldn't do this dollar pick-up trick! Tell the childen you'll give them each a dollar if they can pick it up from the floor. But there is a catch: They have to pick it up using your instructions. You'll have fun fooling them with this easy indoor game for kids.
What You'll Need a dollar bill and a wall

Step 1: Have children stand with their feet together and heels up against a wall.
Step 2: Put dollar bills on the floor 12 inches in front of their feet.
Step 3: Tell them to pick up the dollars without bending their knees or moving their feet.
It is impossible to do! Why? When you are standing against a wall, your center of gravity is over your feet. If you bend forward, you have to move your center of gravity forward to keep your balance. Since you can't move your feet during this trick, you're flat out of luck. But that's better than being flat on your face!


FIVE 'CHERRY TREE ART' IDEAS! (For George Washington and Presidents Day) Also check out the CHERRY THEME page for more art, crafts, games and food ideas!


This is a given...Keep lots of water and paper towel nearby!


Paint each child's arm brown and hand and fingers green. Have them put it on construction paper to make a tree. Placing the green hand a few times on the paper--makes a nice tree. After, dip fingers in red paint to make cherries. Messy but the kids will love it!!! (Image/sample by





Put popped popcorn and pink powdered tempera paint in a baggie and shake. It makes great cherry blossoms for a spring art project or for President's Day. They look very real.

Glue twigs on sheets of sturdy white paper to make trees. Have children attach small red circle sticker "cherries"... or use finger prints dipped into red finger paints. (You can also use the popped-popcorn as above image shows!)

Materials: Toilet paper roll, green & red construction paper, glue, hole punch, & stapler

  • Cut a cloud-type shape out of green construction paper that is folded in half so you will get 2 pieces with the same shape (front & back of tree). Make sure that it is big enough to go around TP roll.
  • Staple the top and sides of the tree together leaving the bottom open so it's like a pocket.
  • Use hole punch to make cherries out of red paper.
  • Put glue on the tree and have children put cherries on their tree while counting them.
  • When dry stick TP roll in the "pocket" and staple to make it tight around the "trunk".




#5 CONSTRUCTION PAPER HANDPRINT CHERRY TREE...visit freekidcrafts for directions.


ME & ABE --Also a great photo op
Here's a fun activity—

  • Abe was 6'4" tall...On a large roll sheet of paper, have the children draw Abe at his exact height.
  • 6’4” is pretty tall...especially when you add the stove pipe hat!
  • When  complete, take a photograph of the kids standing in front of Abe! (either in groups or individually)
  • Make a copy for each child or put  group photographs in this year’s scrap book...





 1. Decorate the room with red, white, and blue …For a ton of 'Red, White and Blue' Ideas CLICK HERE

2. Have kids dress in red, white, and blue.

3. Children might also have fun wearing white wigs or black hats. To make this paper bag powdered wig, visit freekidcrafts.

4. Play patriotic music throughout the day…

5. Read aloud some famous presidential speeches and, if you have older kids, have them recite them and perhaps even memorize a line or two.

6. Abe Lincoln was born in a log cabin. Make your own with Popsicle sticks, hot glue, and a marker. (Three other cabin ideas are below!)

7. Have a coin toss with pennies and quarters, the most famous presidential coins!

8. Make a MENU of 'presidential favorites'. There is a great list of Presidents’ Day recipes at CD Kitchen. (From Laura Bush’s hot chocolate to George Washington’s cake recipe)



TRUTH OR BLUFF: This is a fun President’s Day and Voting party game for older children…. If it’s played by a group of people who know each other well –– participants will have to be VERY good at telling tall tales!

  • All that’s required for the game is a coin, and something to hide it under.
  • The first player thinks of a story about themself to tell the group, and hides the coin.
  • If the story is true, they hide the coin heads-up; if it’s untrue, they hide it tails-up.
  • They tell their story to the other players, and they each decided whether the story was true or not.
  • The player who told the story reveals the coin, and the people who guessed correctly get a point.
  • The player with the most points after everyone has told a story wins!


Presidents Day Game #2: HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR PRESIDENTS? This fun President’s Day game will test whether you know as much as you think you know about past American presidents. It is best suited to older children and adult players.

  • Prior to the game, prepare answer sheets that have the names of 10-20 presidents listed down the left hand-side.
  • On the right-hand side, have the same number of blank spaces down the page.
  • The object of the game is to, in pairs if desired, correctly list the presidents in chronological order of when they were president.
  • The person or pair with the most correct answers is the winner of this President’s Day game.
    Adapted from:


Make a graph with 2 columns, heads and tails. Have the children choose HEADS OR TAILS and give each a penny and have them take turns tossing it. They can either record by coloring a square each time the penny lands on a tails or heads--- or put a check mark in their column. The first column that fills up is the winner. Children can even make a prediction as to which column will fill up first.



President Jimmy Carter was a peanut Farmer… Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans so much he kept them in a dish at the Oval Office.
   •Fill a jar with jelly beans or peanuts.
   •On small slips of paper, have the children guess how many are in the jar.
   •Appropriate for any age.
   •The winner shares the jelly beans with the group!
   •With all of the nut allergies-jelly beans would be safer!



Get a basket or hat---and have a contest throwing pennies into it. Who can get the most?
Or...put down three rings or hula hoop--mark each hoop with a different amount of points. Toss coins and add up the points!



Provide children with 3-6 pennies. Cut clear contact paper in half, enclosing the pennies. Adjust bracelet to slip on child's wrist.


Pudding snack cup
Black acrylic paint
Black construction paper or felt
   • Paint the pudding snack cup black.
   • Cut a circle a size slightly bigger than the rim of your pudding cup from your black paper.
   • Flip over the pudding cup and glue onto the black circle
   • Cut a circle a size slightly bigger than the rim of your pudding cup from your black paper.
   • Flip over the pudding cup and glue onto the black circle



Cleaned and shiny pennies
Elmers Glue
Small tiles ( I used about 3”x 3” – you can also used jar lids)
Felt pieces for bottom
For an After School program, I picked up discontinued tiles (see if you can get them donated-the store I got them from gave me about 100 for no charge!)


1. First clean and dry the pennies.
2. Next glue pennies to the attractive side of the tile. Glue on the first layer and then in places--- glue two or three on top of each other. Glue will dry transparent. Pennies donot have to cover all edges as the tile underneath is nice looking.
3. When pennies are dry--- fit, cut, and glue felt to the bottom.
4. The tiles used were unfinished on the side, so we used permanent marker along the edge.
5. You can protect pennies with a coat of clear polish! (Sample and Image by





  • Clean and dry milk cartons from school lunchroom---
  • Staple top back together to form a peak for your cabin.
  • Next cover all four sides with light brown construction paper using white school glue.
  • Cut out two triangles to cover areas inset in the roof.
  • Cut out a door and draw a square on another side.
  • Glue small stick pretzels on all four sides.
  • Glue a shiny penny with Lincoln facing out in the window square.
  • Leave cut out door open. Don't cut door completely out.
  • Measure to cut out a rectangle for the roof. You may glue it or staple the roof on and even add a chimney if you like.

#2 AN EASIER CABIN (than the one above)
To celebrate Lincoln you can build log cabins with stick pretzels. Put glue all over a piece of construction paper and give the children as many pretzels as needed to build Abraham Lincoln's log cabin.


#3 Pretzel Log Cabin

Small empty milk carton
Pretzel sticks
Chocolate frosting or peanut butter
1 Rolo or other tubular shaped candy
1 square cracker
Scissors and Hot glue or tape


  • Cut the top flap of the milk carton off and tape or hot glue it closed to form the roof.
  • Spread chocolate frosting or peanut butter on one side of the milk carton then cover with pretzels. Repeat this step all over the milk carton until log cabin is complete.
  • You may need to break the tips off of some of the pretzels to make then fit up the sides.
  • Break a square cracker in half, then break one of the halves in half.
  • Spread some frosting or peanut butter on the back of the first half. “Glue” it to the front of the cabin as the door.
  • Repeat this step with a smaller broken piece for the window.
  • Spread some frosting or peanut butter to the bottom of the Rolo and stick to the roof.


A simple and fun President's Day activity is to do RUBBINGS of the face sides of coins by placing paper over the coin and rubbing it with a crayon.


Check out snack ideas using cherries!   Many recipes are in the 'CHERRY THEME'! 


by Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr.

A mnemonic jingle to help remember the order of Presidents from George Washington to Woodrow Wilson...

George Washington, Adams and Jefferson three
First rulers of Uncle Sam's land of the free:
Then Madison, Monroe and Adams again
All clever and upright and good honest men;

The Jackson, Van Buren and Harrison first,
Tyler and Polk whose terms were so curst
By war with the Mexicans who lost in the fray -
Then Taylor and Fillmore and Pierce held their sway.

Buchanan and Lincoln, Johnson and Grant,
Then Hayes, martyred Garfield, despiser of cant,
Arthur and Cleveland, Harrison (Ben)
McKinley the martyr, beloved by all men;

Then most energetic and strenuous Teddy
And plump William Taft for a second term ready
When Wilson was placed in this nation's great chair
And promised to always rule wisely and fair.


GEORGE WASHINGTON (Dramatized finger/body play for Pre-K and K)

A very old legend tells me (Have children point to themself)
George Washington cut down a cherry tree. (Do a chopping motion)
Because he would not tell a lie, (Shake head sideways)
When asked who did this terrible deed... (Say this in a deep voice with hands on hips)

He said, "Dear Father, it was I." (Point to self)
Although this story is only a legend... (Move head sideways)
It reminds me that George Washington
Was a brave & honest man!



My hat it has 3 corners. (Form a triangle above head)
Three corners has my hat.

If it did not have 3 corners...(Raise 3 fingers)
It would not be my hat. (Shake head sideways)


You may also be interested in the 'Cherry Theme', Colonial Theme, and Patriotic Theme...They add great ideas to a President's Day/Week Theme!



Cherry Theme Ideas for Kids

February 2, 2011 17:29 by Barbara Shelby

Art, Crafts, Games, Discussion, Snacks/Recipes, Facts & Tips




This is a given...Keep lots of water and paper towel nearby!

Paint each child's arm brown and hand and fingers green. Have them put it on construction paper to make a tree. Placing the green hand a few times on the paper--makes a nice tree. After, dip fingers in red paint to make cherries. Messy but the kids will love it!!! Image by 


Put popped popcorn and pink powdered tempera paint in a baggie and shake. It makes great cherry blossoms for a spring art project or for President's Day. They look very real.

Glue twigs on sheets of sturdy white or light blue paper to make trees. You can use a variety of items for the cherries! Any of the following will work: small red circle sticker 'cherries'--fingers tips dipped into red finger paint--the popped-popcorn as above image shows-- or 'pinched and squished' tissue paper squares



 CONSTRUCTION PAPER - HANDPRINT CHERRY TREE...visit freekidcrafts for directions.


Materials: Toilet paper roll, green & red construction paper, glue, hole punch, & stapler

  • Cut a cloud-type shape out of green construction paper that is folded in half so you will get 2 pieces with the same shape (front & back of tree). Make sure that it is big enough to go around TP roll.
  • Staple the top and sides of the tree together leaving the bottom open so it's like a pocket.
  • Use hole punch to make cherries out of red paper.
  • Put glue on the tree and have children put cherries on their tree while counting them.
  • When dry stick TP roll in the "pocket" and staple to make it tight around the "trunk".



This is my favorite play dough because--it's fast--no cooking--easy ingredients and smells good---tastes bad. The original recipe calls for 1 cup of flour--however just having made it--we added  another two or three cups of flour. When making play dough, you can always add more flour if it is too wet and a little more hot water if it's too dry! My 4.5 and 6 year old grand-daughters thought it was the greatest thing ever! (Barb )
2 1/2 c flour, sifted
1/2 c salt
3 T cooking oil
1 or 2 pkg Cherry flavored Kool-aid (unsweetened)
1 c very hot water
Mix together flour, salt, oil, and Kool-aid.
Add the cup of almost boiling water. Mix well.
Knead the mixture until it forms a soft dough.
Have fun!
Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
Your play dough will be the scent and color of the Kool-Aid!
*Any other unsweetened, powdered drink mix may be substituted.
*There may be colored hands but it washes off. (My own experiences have never produced colored hands--hower some have said theirs did.)


1 Tablespoon purple powdered unsweetened cherry drink mix
1 Tablespoon warm water
Several small containers

1. Mix the water and unsweetened drink mix together in a small bowl.

2. Pour blended mixture into containers. (Muffin tins or film canisters work well.) You can also mix other colors to use in your art.

Paint with ordinary paint brushes, cleaning the brush between colors. Allow artwork to dry overnight before scratching and sniffing.




Gather branches that have fallen outside; let dry.
Cut out 2-inch squares of pink tissue, pinch tightly in the center to create blooms; affix them to branches with white glue.
Display in a tall container, such as a canning jar with the lid's center removed.
Source: marthastewart


On finger-paint paper, draw or copy a lot of cherry stems.
Using red finger-paint- have children use their thumbs to fill the page with "red cherries"!
Add green leaves if desired...


2 packages unsweetened cherry Kool-aid
2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
3 cups boiling water
3 tablespoons oil
Mix dry ingredients together, then add wet ingredients. Paint.


USING FACE PAINT-- PAINT CUTE RED CHERRIES (adding a little brown stem and green leaf) on face and hands!


Cherry Flavored drink mix (Kool-Aid)
1 cup vegetable shortening
Food coloring
Small container such as a film container
1. Mix one packet of drink mix with shortening.
2. Add in a few drops of red food coloring that matches the flavor.
3. Pack in small container, such as a film container, and you have wonderful tasting and smelling lip gloss. Of course the lip gloss is edible should some accidentally be licked off.


Sprinkle CHERRY Kool-aid crystals onto a piece of paper.
Have children spray water from a spray bottle onto the paper.


Cut  some juicy red cherries in half. After pitting...use the cherry as you would a paint brush and draw on paper!




For each child, tie a long piece of yarn to a plastic berry basket. Have children weave the yarn in and out of the basket holes. If desired, they can also weave in item such as ribbon pieces, pipe cleaners or twine.



PLAY ACTIVE GAMES using red balloons or balls.(Call them cherries!)
See many balloon games in the Races, Relay, Balloon and Bean Bag Category. (Balloon games are towards the bottom of the page.)



A cherry pie eating contest would be expensive for a classroom or program--but how about a few cherries under a pile of whipped cream! Also great fun at home or a party!!!

Put two or three maraschino cherries on each plate and cover it with whipped Cream.  Children then use only their mouth to pick up and eat the cherries. The first child to do this wins!


Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey-play- Put the Cherry on the Ice-Cream Sundae.
Make a large picture of an ice-cream sundae. Also make a paper cherry for each player.
Proceed exactly as in playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. One by one, blind fold the players as they try to 'top' the center of the sundae! The closest one wins.



How far can you launch a pit? Believe it or not...The Guinness World Record for competitive cherry-pit spitting is 93 feet 6.5 inches! Great fun for adults too!!!


This can be done two ways.
#1. Give each child a paper cup with their name written on it. As a snack, give them several cherries and save their pits in the cup. When the contest is later held--their alloted supply of pits is ready to go.
#2. Give each participant three or four cherries. One by one they eat the cherry and then spit the pit.

• Mark off the game area every 3 to 5 feet. This will make it easier to determine the winners. Pits can shoot an amazing distance! As an example--each year the city of Traverse City, Miching holds their Cherry Festivival. 'Pit Spitting' is one of the annual events. Men's pits usually travel an average of 55 feet, women's 35 feet and childrens' have flown 40 some feet.

• Pit Spitting is a practiced art. Allow children to practice before the event begins!

• Go over rules before the event begins!



Like so many goodies, cherries have entered our common language in an important way: beautiful and delicious! They've become synonymous with the best of the best.

When things are going good we often say, "Life is just a bowl of cherries"! And then when they are going badly, "This is the pits!"

There is also the phrase "______ is the the cherry on the cake!" 




1 box Twinkies
1 small box instant vanilla pudding
1 cup milk
1 can cherry pie filling
Whipped cream of Cool Whip

1. Cut Twinkies in half. Arrange in a single layer in bottom of pan or large glass bowl.
2. Mix pudding according to package directions. Pour pudding over Twinkies.
3. Spoon cherry pie filling over the pudding layer. Smooth the pie filling layer.
4. Top with Cool whip. Yumm!

NOTE: This dessert tasted just as fresh several days after it was made--as the day it was made! (Barb) Image by


1 can (16 oz.) crushed pineapple
1 can (20 oz.) cherry pie filling (I use 2 cans)
1 pkg. yellow cake mix
1/2 - 2/3 c. chopped nuts
1/2 c. butter
Grease 9x13 pan. Dump in pineapple with juice, spreading evenly. Pour cherry pie filling over pineapple, spreading evenly. Add dry cake mix evenly over fruit. Add nuts. Drizzle melted butter over top. Do not mix. Bake 350 degrees for 1 hour.
Often when I make it I semi-drain the pineapple ...Barb

2 cans cherry pie filling
1 Yellow cake mix
1/2 cup melted margarine

Layer the ingredients in a 13x9-inch baking pan in the order given. Bake at 350 degrees  about 40 minutes or until; topping is golden. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream/topping or ice-cream.



 Follow package directions on pre-made pie crust... then fill it with Cherry Pie filling!




1 Package Cupcake Papers/Holders
1 Loaf Pound Cake or sponge cake
1 Can Cherry pie filling
1 Can of Cool Whip type topping 
Cut cake into small cubes.
Place cubes at the bottom of each cupcake holder.
Plop a spoonful of cherries on top of the cubed cake pieces.
Keep chilled.
When ready to serve dab on whipped topping. (Image by


EASY CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES (These are ohhhh so good!)

2 (10-ounce) jars maraschino cherries, with stems
1 (12-ounce) package milk or semisweet chocolate chips
Drain cherries; discard juice or use for another purpose.
Put cherries on paper towels to dry completely.
Put chocolate chips in a medium saucepan with a heavy bottom. Heat
over low heat, stirring constantly, until chocolate is melted.
(The chocolate can also be melted in the microwave.) Remove from heat.
Dip cherries into chocolate; swirl to coat completely. Place on a
baking sheet lined with waxed paper. Refrigerate until set
Makes 5 dozen.

If desired, dip some of the cherries in melted white chocolate chips instead.  Start with 1 minute then continue at 30-second intervals, stirring after each, until completely melted.
Recipe Source: Cherry Marketing Institute.



Make Cherry Jello using only 1/2 of the recipe directed amount of water.
Fill an ice cube tray with the Jello and refrigerate.
Carefully pop out each "cube" with a knife.


1 large angel food cake
1 (16 oz.) tub whipped topping
1 can of cherry pie filling
1 9x13 inch (23x32.5 cm) pan

Scrape the light brown crust off the cake.
Tear the angel food cake into pieces and line the bottom of the pan. Place whipped topping on top of the cake pieces.
Use a spoon to place cherry pie filling on top of the whipped topping. Chill for a few hours.


1 (15- to 16-ounce) wheel Brie
6 tablespoons butter, softened
1/3 cup chopped dried tart cherries
1/4 cup finely chopped pecans
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme (or 2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh thyme)
Assorted crackers

Refrigerate Brie until chilled and firm; or freeze 30 minutes, or until firm. Cut Brie in half horizontally.
Combine butter, cherries, pecans and thyme in a small bowl; mix well. Evenly spread mixture on cut-side of one piece of the Brie. Top with the other piece, cut-side down. Lightly press together. Wrap in plastic wrap; refrigerate 1 to 2 hours. To serve, cut into serving size wedges and bring to room temperature. Serve with crackers.


1 teaspoon vanilla
2 sticks butter or margarine
2 egg yolks
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
maraschino cherries

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, mix together the vanilla, butter, egg yolks and brown sugar until creamy. Add the flour and salt and mix well.
  • Have the children roll the dough into 1" balls and place them on greased cookie sheets. Have the children make a thumbprint in each ball and then place a maraschino cherry in each thumbprint.
  •  Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. (Makes about 3 dozen cookies)



• Serve scoops of vanilla ice-cream with a spoonful (or two) of cherry-pie filling.

Serve cherry-pie filling over vanilla pudding

• Don't foget wonderful fresh cherries

Make Cherry Jell-O

Cherry Ice-Cream

Cherry Popsicles

Cherry Yogurt

Make Peanutbutter and Cherry JELLY/JAM SANDWICHES--cut with cute cookie-cutters if desired.

Store-bought cherry pie



1 12 OZ Coke
1 T Cherry Grenadine
1 T Maraschino Cherry juice
1 Maraschino Cherry

Combine the first three ingredients by mixing slowly so as not to disturb the bubbles in the soda. Pour in tall glass over ice and top with Maraschino Cherry.


Small package of Cherry Jell-O
1/2 Cup milk
1 Cup cherry yogurt
1/2 cup fruit of choice (pitted cherries, banana, etc.)
1/2 cup ice cubes
Put all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth.


1/2 cup lemon lime soda
Juice of 2 limes
1 tsp cherry juice
1 maraschino cherry

Squeeze lime juice into a tall glass.
Add soda and cherry juice and stir well.
Add a maraschino cherry on top!


2 cups hot water
1 1/2 cup sugar
8 cups cold water
1 cup fresh lemon juice
12 ounces maraschino cherries -- un-drained

In a large pitcher, combine hot water and sugar; stir until sugar is dissolved.
Add cold water, lemon juice and cherries with their juice.
Mix well. Serve over ice.



1 cup milk
1 pkg. (4-serving size) Cherry Jello'  (For other times -any flavor is fine)
1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened  
Place milk and ice cream in blender. Add Jello. Blend 30 seconds.



• There are more than 1,000 types of cherries and are grown in 20 countries. Practically all cherries fall into just two categories--either sweet or sour. (P. avium -sweet cherries and P. cerasus-sour cherries) The number of cultivated cherry varieties worldwide is now estimated to be about 900 for sweet and 300 for sour.

Cherries are from the Rose family and are related to plums, peaches, apricots, and almonds.

Some types of cherries are:
    Black Stone Cherry
    Choke Cherry
    North Star
    Spanish Cherry

Bing cherries are the best-known variety of a sweet cherry. Rainer cherries are sweet with a yellow or pinkish skin. They are milder and sweeter than the bing but are grown in limited quantities.
The montgomery cherry is the best-known sour cherry, and is mostly used for pie filling or sauce.They are grown mainly in the eastern and midwestern states.

Cherries are a good source of Vitamins A and C and potassium, and sour cherries are higher in Vitamin C and Beta carotene.

Cherries have a very short growing season and can grow in most temperate latitudes. The peak season for cherries is in the summer.
In Australia they are usually at their peak around Christmas time...
In southern Europe in June...
In North America in June...
In south British Columbia (Canada) in July-mid August...
In the UK in mid July...

In the United States, there are more than 1,000 different varieties of cherry trees, almost all of them blossoming over a three-week period in late May and early June. Of those 1,000, about ten varieties are produced commercially and are put to good use. Every tree produces about 7,000 cherries--which is about thirty pies each! In many parts of North America they are among the first tree fruits to ripen.



• Always buy completely ripe cherries. Unlike other stone fruits, cherries do not ripen off the tree.

Look for cherries that are plump and brightly colored; avoid those with blemishes, or those which feel hard to the touch.

Cherries are highly perishable: Their shelf life is about four days in the refrigerator. Use them promptly, or they will rot.

Cherries can be frozen; this is a good way to preserve both the fruit and its juice. Do not defrost cherries before using them to cook or bake, or you risk losing some of their succulent juice.
As with many plants in the Rosaceae family (including the apricot and the Japanese plum), cherry leaves are poisonous and should not be eaten.

Cherry juice stains hands, table linens and clothing.
For stained hands, rub lemon juice over the affected areas and rinse well with warm water. For fabric, apply a commercial brand of stain remover directly to the stained portion of the material, follow directions and repeat as necessary.